Thursday, January 04, 2007


Welcome to Congress, John Hall!

We haven't posted in awhile, but we couldn't let today's events -- the swearing in of John Hall to the 110th Congress -- pass without a brief comment. All of us here at Take19 are incredibly proud of our new Congressman. Go get 'em John!

Thursday, November 16, 2006



After nine long days, Sue Kelly has finally conceded. For more on that news see here and here.

In honor of this auspicious occasion, Take19 is sponsoring a little contest for the person who can come up with the most clever haiku. The winner will receive one of our soon-to-be redesigned t-shirts with the new phrase, "Fired Sue Kelly!" Post your entries in the comments section or send them via email to take19 (at)

Stay tuned for where Take19 goes from here. Though we're clearly just one of the reasons John Hall won last Tuesday, many of us are tired from working so hard for the past year and a half and need to spend some quality time with our family and on our professional endeavors. Happy Thanksgiving, a few days early!

UPDATE Keep those haikus coming. There's already a bunch posted in the comments.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Meet Sue's supporters...

As noted in both the The Daily Politics and the The New York Observer blogs today, one of Sue Kelly's supporters, Seth Arluck, who owns New Hampton Lumber in Orange County, seems a bit distraught over last week's results. If you can't make out the sign, it says "Congrats Al Qaeda and KJ", a reference to the village of Kiryas Joel, which voted for John Hall over Sue Kelly. As noted on Daily Kos this morning, Arluck has a long history of supporting Sue.

Now, we can understand Mr. Arluck being upset over the results of the election since Sue lost (even if she still refuses to concede). But comparing a voting bloc to a terrorist group seems a tad bit over the top.

Monday, November 13, 2006


Where's the correction, Sue?

Earlier today, the Daily News had an interesting story about Adam Rose, a real estate developer and Lewisboro resident who spent $500K to help get the word out about Sue Kelly's true record. The money, which was given to a 527 group called Majority Action, funded a radio, television and direct-mail campaign that heavily targeted the large group of unaffiliated voters in the district.

Sue, of course, complained relentlessly about Majority Action's campaign, even going so far to allege that John Hall was orchestrating it, which was about as truthful as Sue's Kim Jong Il ad. She also sent out a nasty letter to her supporters decrying, "who opened their checkbooks to fund this filth remains to be seen." Now that Hall has won -- no matter how many times Sue clicks her heels -- Adam Rose has chosen to make his involvement known.

But here's the real rub: last we checked, Lewisboro is located in NY-19. That would make Adam Rose a constituent -- one who felt that Sue was not representing his interests, and who like many other constituents, we're guessing couldn't get the time of day from Sue.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Calling Sue Kelly

This afternoon, more than 100 residents of the 19th CD descended on Katonah to demand Sue Kelly acknowledge what we all already know, that John Hall won the election fair and square.

Sue Kelly's campaign has retained attorney John Ciampoli, who, as attorney for the Westchester County Republicans, filed a last-minute challenge to the registrations of thousands of voters before Tuesday’s hotly contested race for the 35th Senate District between State Senator Nick Spano and County Legislator Andrea Stewart-Cousins. He filed close to 6,000 pre-election challenges to voters in that race. Ciampoli is also the same attorney who represented Nick Spano in the 2004 recount of the 35th State Senate District race.

We marched and will continue to march to demand Sue Kelly stop these tactics and honor the will of the voters. It's time she finally learned to listen to her constituents.

Speaking at the press conference were Doni Belau, a Bedford mother of two, Zara Jackson, a senior from Somers, Anthony Merante, a veteran from Phillipstown, and Michelle Cooper, a small business owner from Peekskill.

More photos are here and the full release will be posted shortly.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


An open letter to Sue Kelly

Dear Sue,

It should be apparent to you (as it is to CNN, MSNBC, The Journal News, etc. etc.) that John Hall defeated you fair and square on Tuesday and is now our Representative Elect.

But no, you can't go quietly into retirement. You couldn't show some dignity or class like President Bush did today when he welcomed the new Congressional leadership to lunch. Instead of ending your career in public service on a high note, you've stooped to lawyering up and throwing out accusations and innuendo.

Sue, we've known you for a long time and honestly, while we've had our disagreements, we respect you for your public service and dedication to at least some of your constituents. We're sorry you can't show the same respect and dedication in defeat.

For the sake of the voters of the 19th Congressional District who expect to have their voices count and for the sake of our Country, stop this nonsense Sue. It's beneath you.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


A picture is worth 1,000 words

link to article here

And if you didn't make it to the victory party last night, there's video here. If you're like some of us, you may find yourself crying when John starts singing.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Hall ahead with 92% reporting.

Hall 86,281 51%
Kelly 83,375 49%
92% Reporting

NYTimes reporting.


Sue W Kelly 20,761
John Hall 19,79
100% reporting

Sue W Kelly 14,714 52%
John Hall 13,448 48%
100% reporting

Sue Kelly 19,336 43%
John Hall 25,196 57%
87% reporting

Sue W Kelly 28,525
John Hall 28,618
100% reporting

So thats the reporting for now.
I'm not saying we are going to win.

All im saying is we are ahead right now.

Monday, November 06, 2006


To the voters of the 19th CD ... It's time for Sue Kelly to go

For the past year and a half, a band of dedicated volunteers have kept this web site alive, documenting the shortcomings and incompetence of our Representative Sue Kelly. Her faults are too numerous to recount here now, just look on the left sidebar and you can read our releases and look up her voting record. But don't just take our word for it -- all four papers that cover this district -- The Journal News, Poughkeepsie Journal, Times Herald-Record and New York Times (behind a wall)-- all endorsed John Hall over Sue Kelly.

Here's what it all comes down to - if you support the war in Iraq, if you believe the Administration did all it could to hunt down Osama Bin Laden or help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, or build strong schools and safe communities and support the growth of the middle class - then vote for Sue Kelly.

On the other hand, if you believe as we do that this Administration and the Republican Congressional Leadership have failed us, have failed to fight terrorism and instead dragged us into the quagmire of Iraq where 2,800 brave Americans have died, failed to support strong schools and safe neighborhoods, failed to protect our weakest from the ravages of poverty and failed to help the victims of Katrina. If you believe this Administration's tax policies have favored the weathly at the expense of the public good and have hurt the middle class - then tomorrow cast your vote for John Hall, our next Representative.

UPDATE John Hall is posting GOTV volunteer opportunities throughout the day here. If you can help out, please do!

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Who's the real hypocrite, Sue Kelly?

If you only listened to Sue Kelly's laughable radio ad or received one of her flyers, you'd think that John Hall was the one in bed with big business. And while it's true that Sue has told numerous lies, particularly over the past few weeks as the race has grown tighter, this one is a real whopper.

That's because nearly 60% of the $1.94 million that Sue has raised during this campaign cycle comes from big businesses based outside the district. Now why would companies like Bank of America, Pfizer, and United Parcel Service pony up $10,000 (and more in the case of Bank of America) just to get Sue re-elected? We're not sure, but we're pretty confident they expect something in return. Or perhaps it's a reward for Sue's vote on the bankruptcy legislation. And Medicaid Part D(isaster).

Indeed, this morning's NY Times had this article which started like this, "For big drug companies, the new Medicare prescription benefit is proving to be a financial windfall larger than even the most optimistic Wall Street analysts had predicted." Remember: this is the legislation that Sue voted for back in 2003 -- legislation that passed by only 1 vote -- Sue's vote for Pfizer and other big drug companies and against seniors who live here in NY-19.

Come to think of it, where have we seen this kind of quid pro quo from Sue before? That's right -- none other than Donald Trump, which according to this group, gave Sue a hefty campaign contribution and got a $2 million gift from Kelly in return in the form of a highway subsidy to lower the Westside Highway. So who's the real hypocrite, Sue Kelly?


Sue Kelly, stop the robocalling

Sue Kelly obviously doesn't think the voters of the 19th Congressional District are very bright, otherwise she would have come up with something a little smarter than robocalls (listen here) that claim to be from the Hall campaign but are only designed to annoy and cut into his lead.

We're on to you Sue. And according to Talking Points Memo, even your own people are embarrassed by it.
I was handing out leaflets for John Hall yesterday at a grocery store. There were two tables, a democratic one and a Republican one.

When I was handing out palm cards, several people said to me something like, "I WAS going to vote for John Hall, until I got all those phone calls. I got seven or eight, right at dinner time."

The guy from the Republican table, who was a local district leader-- friendly and chatty, actually came over to me and said, "You know, most of those are coming from Sue's office, but don't tell anybody."
Nice. Real classy.

Enjoy these next few days, they'll be your last as our Representative.


Where does Sue Kelly stand on Rumsfeld?

The Army Times, the leading independent publication read by military leaders, is calling for Donald Rumsfeld to resign over his mis-handling of the Iraq quagmire. According to CNN:
The editorial will be in four independent publications that serve the four main branches of the U.S. military, according to the senior managing editor for Army Times Publications, the papers' parent company.
Curious what Sue Kelly's stand on this important issue? So are we. Why don't you call her and ask? 202.225.5441 in DC or 845.291.4100 (Orange County), 845.897.5200 (Dutchess County) or 914.962.0761 in Westchester. We'd certainly like to know.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Three days to go: Sue Kelly starts changing her tune!

With election day just three days away, Sue Kelly seems to have had a change of heart when it comes to Mess-o-potamia (to borrow Jon Stewart's phrase about Iraq), which seems a bit surprising, considering that just a few weeks ago, Sue actually said that "Iraq is mostly pacified now". Of course, that was before more than 100 members of the military were killed in Iraq in October. As you can see in this clip from New York 1, Kelly says, "I think we need a new paradyme in Iraq." We wonder if that means firing Donald Rumsfeld as the four newspapers serving America's armed forces are now calling for.

One more thing about that NY1 tape. A John Hall supporter was coming out of Turco's on Thursday as the tape was rolling. Here's what he sent us about his interaction with Sue:

so I'm running an errand at the supermarket (Turcos in Yorktown) about an hour ago, when I see half a dozen people with Kelly campaign literature and a TV crew (New York 1) near the entrance. Since leafleting in front of supermarkets is common practice in Yorktown campaigns, I think nothing of it - but prepare for some friendly ribbing as I walk by with a John Hall button on my parka. Suddenly this skinny blonde woman swings around and in a superior tone - like she's yelling at her gardener - says "You must be in favor of ..." and runs through a list of Republican talking points, finishing with higher capital gains taxes. I'm thinking this is one volunteer the Kelly campaign should find a back office assignment for - but respond in a friendly fashion (no need to act like her) that I'm not rich, so Republican tax cuts for the top half a percent don't help me out much. She appears to take this personally and gets more hostile: "I'm not rich, I've worked for everything I own since I was 18," she yells. I'm looking for an escape route from this crazy lady when it finally strikes me that her voice sounds familiar - but I can't believe an elected official on the campaign trail would talk to a voter this way! But sure enough it was HER - I ducked into Turcos and hid from my Congresswoman in the produce section.

Maybe that explains why she's been in hiding. Her people skills don't seem to be so good.

Friday, November 03, 2006


Sue Kelly blows off seniors in Orange....

Cranking out negative campaign literature and ads that distort your competition must clearly take a lot of time. How else to explain why Sue Kelly would blow off senior citizens today in Orange County at a "Congressional Forum" organized by the New York State Alliance For Retired Americans and the New York Statewide Senior Action Council, Inc..

Why would Kelly, who despite her athletic prowess, blow off her fellow senior citizens? Good question. Then again, she's been MIA for much of the past few months past 12 years, though she seems to have plenty of time to hang out with has beens (see here and here).

We're sure today's absence had nothing to with the fact that the Alliance gave Sue a big fat zero rating on her voting record. Or the fact that both groups -- as are many seniors -- opposed to Sue's vote on Medicare Part D (for Disaster). Then again, Sue doesn't exactly have the same healthcare worries that most seniors do: she gets the best medical care and it's absolutely free!


Sue Kelly's desperate lies start to backfire!

The blistering press that Sue Kelly has received over the past 24 hours can't be good for the sixth-term incumbent. Just watch this clip, which aired on RNN last night -- the same station that captured Sue running away:

But that's not the only gotcha moment for the woman who likes to describe herself as a teacher, despite her paltry five-month tenure. Today's Times-Herald Record also pokes at Kelly for her disgusting, hateful faux mushroom cloud ad, which has already made its way around the blogosphere. Speaking of the blogosphere, Kelly's distortions of John Hall's investments has even attracted ridicule from Republican bloggers who wonder why she's suddenly against Capitalism.

And there's also this: two influential members of the League of Conservation Voters resigned over the group's decision to endorse Kelly -- something she's been touting relentlessly. We're guessing Cynthia Brill's comments that Kelly's environmental "record and positions are clearly inferior" won't be used in Kelly's soft-core ads.

With four days to go, maybe Sue should start talking about the things she's actually done during her 12 years in Congress. Then again, with a record like hers, its easy to see why she keeps resorting to desperate lies.

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