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After nine long days, Sue Kelly has finally conceded. For more on that news see here and here.

In honor of this auspicious occasion, Take19 is sponsoring a little contest for the person who can come up with the most clever haiku. The winner will receive one of our soon-to-be redesigned t-shirts with the new phrase, "Fired Sue Kelly!" Post your entries in the comments section or send them via email to take19 (at)

Stay tuned for where Take19 goes from here. Though we're clearly just one of the reasons John Hall won last Tuesday, many of us are tired from working so hard for the past year and a half and need to spend some quality time with our family and on our professional endeavors. Happy Thanksgiving, a few days early!

UPDATE Keep those haikus coming. There's already a bunch posted in the comments.

You should probably link to an article like:


-- MrMacMan

Did she call him and congratulate him?
Guitar player wins
Sue Kelly loses: Big Cheer!
Fix Congress now, John!

Sore loser won't give in
voters turn out in bunches
counting done; Bye, Sue!
Leaves fall lightly
under new moon of autumn
no longer still the one,
she cries.

Cycles as natural as seasons passing.
So the pendulum swings.
Still the one underestimated.
From her fall comes his spring.
Sea change with the tides?
Or, evolution merely keeping time.


Cycles as nature.
As seasons passing. Still the
one underestimated.

The pendulum swings.
From her fall comes his new spring.
Sea change with the tides?
Or, evolution
merely keeping time.


There was a Congresswoman
who went to Nantucket...
...ooops! Wrong audience!


There was a Congresswoman from Lima.
Whose campaign couldn't be rescued (even by FEMA).

Said she: "No steam, you say?
That's 'cause I've been lying all day.

"Kim Il Jong, robocalls, I got it all wrong.
Just made everyone listen to John's song!"
Congresswoman Sue
Asked "Dance with me" once again
But Hall's "Still the One"

Loss by Sue ends the
Republican Revolution
bringing much joy for (H)all

Reactionary congresswoman
Shame of New York
Sue loser
Obviously, I cannot count, as I somehow counted 7 syllables in Republican Revolution. Here, therefore, is a revised version, which conforms to the rules of Haiku --

Loss by Kelly ends
the Gingrich revolution
bringing much joy to (H)all!
Victory for John
Sings "I am a Patriot"
Jackson Browns smiles.

You Tube election
Kelly runs from cameras
Hall wins in a walk!

Katrina showed Bush
Had no concern for the poor.
Now, we have new "Orleans"


Flower seller. Stately matron. Pork protector. Dimmest bulb. Robo caller. War promoter's sorry now.
OK. Enough gloating. Time to get ready for two years from now - actually that time is close. And Sue may have some specific votes to throw back at John. But we may finally have a real debate.

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