Monday, November 13, 2006


Where's the correction, Sue?

Earlier today, the Daily News had an interesting story about Adam Rose, a real estate developer and Lewisboro resident who spent $500K to help get the word out about Sue Kelly's true record. The money, which was given to a 527 group called Majority Action, funded a radio, television and direct-mail campaign that heavily targeted the large group of unaffiliated voters in the district.

Sue, of course, complained relentlessly about Majority Action's campaign, even going so far to allege that John Hall was orchestrating it, which was about as truthful as Sue's Kim Jong Il ad. She also sent out a nasty letter to her supporters decrying, "who opened their checkbooks to fund this filth remains to be seen." Now that Hall has won -- no matter how many times Sue clicks her heels -- Adam Rose has chosen to make his involvement known.

But here's the real rub: last we checked, Lewisboro is located in NY-19. That would make Adam Rose a constituent -- one who felt that Sue was not representing his interests, and who like many other constituents, we're guessing couldn't get the time of day from Sue.

Sue's vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment really angered a lot of voters in NY 19 -- there is a cost to homophobic politics. Sue Kelly felt it! Hopefully, other politicians will learn from this example.
Kelly calls the Majority Action ad "filth" but I thought it completely factual and rather mild. You can see the ad for yourself here:

Just scroll down to the middle of the page (Oct. 12).

The ad simply points that Kelly took $30,000 from drug companies, $65,000 from oil companies and $29,000 from "the same Congressional leaders who looked the other way during the latest Congressional scandal."

There is no need to lie about Sue Kelly's record. The facts speak for themselves.
Someone once said "you can judge a country's character by how it treats it's least fortunate." With all the howling about "taxes," much of it justifiable, I don't know anyone, rich or poor, who would want to reduce, withhold, or eliminate help for our wonderful veterans. As a nation, we asked them to go and put their bodies, and their minds between us and those who would do us harm. The actions of the just deposed Republican majority and their willing, slavish, and ambitious sycophants, of which Sue Kelly marched in the front row, is a blight on our country's history that will never go away.
I feel the reason she seems to not be able to let go is that she fears, without having someone to tell her what to do, of being alone......truly alone.....with the irrefutable knowledge of the untold pain and suffering she helped inflict on these wonderful men and women.
So I can't hate Sue Kelly. That would be easy. She will live with the knowledge for the rest of her days.
Pity, not hate, is the punishment for Mz Kelly.
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