Sunday, November 05, 2006


Sue Kelly, stop the robocalling

Sue Kelly obviously doesn't think the voters of the 19th Congressional District are very bright, otherwise she would have come up with something a little smarter than robocalls (listen here) that claim to be from the Hall campaign but are only designed to annoy and cut into his lead.

We're on to you Sue. And according to Talking Points Memo, even your own people are embarrassed by it.
I was handing out leaflets for John Hall yesterday at a grocery store. There were two tables, a democratic one and a Republican one.

When I was handing out palm cards, several people said to me something like, "I WAS going to vote for John Hall, until I got all those phone calls. I got seven or eight, right at dinner time."

The guy from the Republican table, who was a local district leader-- friendly and chatty, actually came over to me and said, "You know, most of those are coming from Sue's office, but don't tell anybody."
Nice. Real classy.

Enjoy these next few days, they'll be your last as our Representative.

When I called Representative Kelly's office to register my unhappiness about this I was told that "unfortunately there are outside groups involved that they have no control over". Sorry, but that excuse is unacceptable. Sue Kelly is responsible and will be held responsible at the polls.

This is getting to be an old story--look at the way the Republicans smeared Harold Ford, the Democratic Senate candidate in Tennessee, with racially charged TV advertising. His oppponent also said he had no control over the outside group that paid for that racist ad, yet he was the one to benefit in the polls.

Sorry, this mealy-mouthed excuse doesn't wash in the 19th. The person solely responsible in my book for the harassment of the people she is supposed to represent is Sue Kelly.
Why not call Sue's campaign office as many times as you have the stomach for. See how they like it: 914-232-5940
And of course she's very happy to complain about outside groups like Majority Action and the wonderful canvassers who are coming up from Manhattan to work for John.
This is as slimey as it gets. We have to get the word out so this backfires on our friend Sue. Hall should put something on his website about this. Boy, we really need to get this hack Kelly out of office. The amateurishness with which she has run her campaign is breathtaking.
Even if the beast of Katonah squeaks through, hopefully she will be in the minority and cannot push the Bushmafia agenda for the next two years.
Let's try to be more hopeful than that. John Hall can win this thing with everyone's help.
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