Thursday, January 04, 2007


Welcome to Congress, John Hall!

We haven't posted in awhile, but we couldn't let today's events -- the swearing in of John Hall to the 110th Congress -- pass without a brief comment. All of us here at Take19 are incredibly proud of our new Congressman. Go get 'em John!

"They" said it couldn't be done - but we all pulled together and did it. John is our congressman and we have to continue to be with him throughout his tenure. This is not the time to sit back and let others do the heavy lifting. The work is not finished, it has only begun!
I didn't support John Hall during the primaries; I thought (and still do) that Ben Shuldiner would have made a better Representative.

That being said, I wish New York 19's new Congressman, John Hall, the best of luck. May he make us proud.
An unfortunate dissonance has arisen from the fringes of John Hall's campaign, from a contractor-turned dirty-tricks blogger, who views himself as Mr. Hall's conscience.

His Walter Mitty blog diatribes might be harmless graffitti-- or might be more, since he represents himself as the voice of Mr. Hall's congressional staff, in a blog entitled "John Hall Congressional Blog".

Maybe somebody should talk to this guy.

Read about it at:
For those interested, I've begun penning posts at Progressive Wave's NY-19 whose purpose is to closely follow the congressional tenure of John Hall's first term. I try to post daily to keep information pretty fresh. Check it out here:
I was actually in Washington during the swearing in and got a handshake and an autograph from the congressman.
Best of luck to all.

-- MrMacMan
Best wishes to John Hall! Make us proud and give George Bush the challenge he deserves..
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