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Sue Kelly, You Should Be Ashamed!

It seems as if Sue Kelly's implosion is nearly complete. She's so desperate and unglued at this point that she's letting her nutjob handlers take the campaign to a new low, while at the same time whining about how outside groups are twisting her record. Her latest mailer, a complete insult to the intelligence of her constituents, is a disgusting attack on John Hall and has a clearly manipulated picture of him with Kim Jong Il of North Korea and various mushroom clouds. She really is so shameless that it's breathtaking. Anyone who lives in this district, be they Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green, or whatever, should be embarrassed to have this woman represent us.

Of course, most of us know that it's rubber-stampers like Sue Kelly that have allowed North Korea to continue with its' nuclear ambitions. So now she's saying that is a reason to support the money-pit missile defense system? Is Sue saying that North Korea's nuclear program was nurtured to support and justify Star Wars?

As for supporting the troops, isn't bringing them home and keeping them alive the best way to support them? Or at least having a decent plan to resolve the Iraq situation? What's the plan, Sue? Stay the course, right? Just two weeks ago, Sue Kelly actually told the Times-Herald Record that Iraq was "mostly pacified". Kelly takes a 15 year-old vote of Hall's from the Ulster County about "praying to God" to watch over our military as an asinine justification that John Hall doesn't support our troops. Pretty obvious that Sue's handlers are old Pat Buchanan staffers, huh who are willing to do anything to try and win. Problem is that you can't play the kindly grandmother and mail out stuff like this.

Sue Kelly, you have no shame. The voters of the 19th district deserve an apology from you for littering their mailboxes with this absolute garbage.

These mailers and Sue's radio ad are a new campaign low. These are similar to the Rick Santorum TV ads with the mushroom clouds -- it's nice to see that Kelly is taking her campaign to the same lows as our friend Rick Santorum -- and in the same breath to call herself a moderate -- it's simply astounding. All the Republicans can do is play to fear. They have no record to stand on. These are revolting and insulting to the intelligence of the voters of NY-19 and will be the "kiss of death" for Sue's campaign.
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Our noble congresswoman Sue Kelly once again performs as her Republican masters command:

“Whatever they feel they’ve got to do to move their numbers, they have got to do,” said one senior Republican Party official, who spoke on condition of anonymity in exchange for talking about party strategy. (NY Times, Oct. 31)

What a sordid joke, to think that Sue Kelly, this marginal, undistinguished lackey represents the decent people of the 19th District of NY.
Nuclear bombs on missiles are not a direct risk - from North Korea at least. They come with a return address. And Little Kim does not want what would come back.

Nuclear bombs on trucks and ships are more of a threat. We may be 80% sure who sent it, but not 100%. The only way to stop nuclear bombs of this type is to stop production of plutonium.

Under Clinton the plutonium produced by North Korea's reactors was held in safe keeping by international monitors. Under Bush, Kim kicked the monitors out - hence the material to make a nuclear bomb.

The obvious seems so often missed.

My wife is not a registered party member, so we get all of this stuff. Sue's still flogging the bit about John Hall being a "hypocrite" (her word, not mine!) on environmental issues, just because he owns a mutual fund that has oil investments, etc. Wanna bet that Sue and her hubby own some oil company stocks, either directly, or through a mutual fund? Sue would rather that we not notice that she gets her own special "dividends" directly from oil companies.
Yes but Sue doesn't claim to be anti-oil and an environmentalist (oh wait, maybe she does) so it's not hypocritical for her to own those stocks. Of course, if he owned only "green" funds that did not invest in those "bad" companies, they'd claim he was a Liberal (with a capital L).

It is embarrassing to see that Sue actually won Dutchess and Putnam Counties tonight. How ignorant can those people be? At least Westchester people saw the light and hopefully in large enough numbers to correct the errors of the other counties.

PS News 12 just said that John appears to be the winner. 3000+ vote lead with 97%
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