Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Meet Sue's supporters...

As noted in both the The Daily Politics and the The New York Observer blogs today, one of Sue Kelly's supporters, Seth Arluck, who owns New Hampton Lumber in Orange County, seems a bit distraught over last week's results. If you can't make out the sign, it says "Congrats Al Qaeda and KJ", a reference to the village of Kiryas Joel, which voted for John Hall over Sue Kelly. As noted on Daily Kos this morning, Arluck has a long history of supporting Sue.

Now, we can understand Mr. Arluck being upset over the results of the election since Sue lost (even if she still refuses to concede). But comparing a voting bloc to a terrorist group seems a tad bit over the top.

Comparing a religious group to a terrorist organization is over the top?

Have you not seen "Jesus Camp"? Or heard of Eric Rudolph?
Seth Arluck
New Hampton Lumber Co., Inc.
P.O. Box 422
New Hampton, NY 10958
Tel: 845.374.8012
Fax: 845.374.8014
is not comparing KJ with Al Qaeda
He's calling the remainder of the John Hall supporters Al Qaeda
The persons who live in Kiryas Joel are hardly comparable to the militants in Jesus Camp or violent antisocial types like Rudolph.

There are many disputes in Orange County concerning Kiryas Joel and its relationships to other towns and villages, but I know of no one with any sense who would define this community as a terrorist front.
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