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Three days to go: Sue Kelly starts changing her tune!

With election day just three days away, Sue Kelly seems to have had a change of heart when it comes to Mess-o-potamia (to borrow Jon Stewart's phrase about Iraq), which seems a bit surprising, considering that just a few weeks ago, Sue actually said that "Iraq is mostly pacified now". Of course, that was before more than 100 members of the military were killed in Iraq in October. As you can see in this clip from New York 1, Kelly says, "I think we need a new paradyme in Iraq." We wonder if that means firing Donald Rumsfeld as the four newspapers serving America's armed forces are now calling for.

One more thing about that NY1 tape. A John Hall supporter was coming out of Turco's on Thursday as the tape was rolling. Here's what he sent us about his interaction with Sue:

so I'm running an errand at the supermarket (Turcos in Yorktown) about an hour ago, when I see half a dozen people with Kelly campaign literature and a TV crew (New York 1) near the entrance. Since leafleting in front of supermarkets is common practice in Yorktown campaigns, I think nothing of it - but prepare for some friendly ribbing as I walk by with a John Hall button on my parka. Suddenly this skinny blonde woman swings around and in a superior tone - like she's yelling at her gardener - says "You must be in favor of ..." and runs through a list of Republican talking points, finishing with higher capital gains taxes. I'm thinking this is one volunteer the Kelly campaign should find a back office assignment for - but respond in a friendly fashion (no need to act like her) that I'm not rich, so Republican tax cuts for the top half a percent don't help me out much. She appears to take this personally and gets more hostile: "I'm not rich, I've worked for everything I own since I was 18," she yells. I'm looking for an escape route from this crazy lady when it finally strikes me that her voice sounds familiar - but I can't believe an elected official on the campaign trail would talk to a voter this way! But sure enough it was HER - I ducked into Turcos and hid from my Congresswoman in the produce section.

Maybe that explains why she's been in hiding. Her people skills don't seem to be so good.

That's Sue Kelly and the GOP for you- insult and harass those who don't agree with you, and run away or hide when you think you might get asked some questions you'd rather not answer.

Keep it up, Sue, you're your own worst enemy...
"A new paradigm in Iraq"... yes, the new paradigm is some new leaders in Congress who will finally put the screws on George Bush rather than give him a rubber stamp. Kelly's arrogance is apparent in the Cablevision debate that I just saw today as well. Hall is a breathe of fresh air.

Sue Kelly, we're planning on kissing you goodbye on November 7.
Sue's worse than I thought. Below is my letter printed in the Journal News and North County News. Sue authored the National Child Abuse Registry, legislation which curtails rights of millions of Americans and which few people even noticed. Actually, Jeanine Pirro authored it, not Sue, but Sue introduced it.

I got a couple of campaign pieces from her today (my son is an independent so we get mailings from everyone). She lists the National Chiold Abuse Registry FIRST among her legislative accomplishments. You wonder, Why? As soon as this legislation is implemented, it's going to be challenged, as it's so flagrantly unconstitutional.

(Democrats have been asleep at the wheel on this issue.)

Lynne in Peekskill

Abuse legislation is anti-family

Sue Kelly's legacy is her legislation creating a national child abuse and neglect registry. This bill, written by Jeanine Pirro, was attached to another piece of legislation and passed by both houses of Congress in 2005 with little comment from legislators and virtually no notice by media.

The discussion that should have occurred was about the serious ramifications of a national registry, with the lack of uniformity among the registries operated by the 50 states as concerns legal definitions of abuse and of neglect; levels of evidence for substantiation of reports; standards for education and training of caseworkers; time periods for listing of state registries; access by agencies and others to registries; and definitions of mandated reporters. In New York state, even unsubstantiated reports remain on the registry. Most "indications" on child abuse/neglect registries do not involve abuse, and most indicated people have not been the subject of charges brought in either family or criminal courts.

There are serious due process issues inherent in child abuse registries. "Neglect" frequently involves issues of poverty, substance abuse or psychiatric illness. Registry listings prevent persons from working in a host of occupations and genuinely hurt persons who have never abused children.

The best programs work at strengthening families and addressing the issues that brought those families into the system in the first place. Serious issues like child abuse do not deserve knee-jerk legislation. Pirro and Kelly have a history of promoting family-unfriendly policy and legislation and both should be turned down at the ballot box on Tuesday.

Lynne Nayman


The writer represents VOCAL (Victims of Child Abuse Laws) NY.
P. S. Look at John Hall's Op-Ed piece on Iraq from his website. It's eloquent and on-target.

This is the kind of representation we need for NY-19.
Stephen Colbert probably didn't know how prophetic he was when he said that like Velveeta, "Kelly melted at the first sign of heat." He was of course referring to her refusal to appear on his show. But the Turco's supermaket incident indicates that our Congresswoman is coming unglued FOR REAL. If this is how she reacted to the mere sight of someone wearing her opponent's campaign button, imagine how she would behave in a national crisis. No wonder all the papers in the district endorsed John Hall. Clearly even editors with Republican leanings prefer a smart and sane Democrat to this looney tune.
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