Friday, November 03, 2006


Sue Kelly blows off seniors in Orange....

Cranking out negative campaign literature and ads that distort your competition must clearly take a lot of time. How else to explain why Sue Kelly would blow off senior citizens today in Orange County at a "Congressional Forum" organized by the New York State Alliance For Retired Americans and the New York Statewide Senior Action Council, Inc..

Why would Kelly, who despite her athletic prowess, blow off her fellow senior citizens? Good question. Then again, she's been MIA for much of the past few months past 12 years, though she seems to have plenty of time to hang out with has beens (see here and here).

We're sure today's absence had nothing to with the fact that the Alliance gave Sue a big fat zero rating on her voting record. Or the fact that both groups -- as are many seniors -- opposed to Sue's vote on Medicare Part D (for Disaster). Then again, Sue doesn't exactly have the same healthcare worries that most seniors do: she gets the best medical care and it's absolutely free!

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