Friday, November 10, 2006


Calling Sue Kelly

This afternoon, more than 100 residents of the 19th CD descended on Katonah to demand Sue Kelly acknowledge what we all already know, that John Hall won the election fair and square.

Sue Kelly's campaign has retained attorney John Ciampoli, who, as attorney for the Westchester County Republicans, filed a last-minute challenge to the registrations of thousands of voters before Tuesday’s hotly contested race for the 35th Senate District between State Senator Nick Spano and County Legislator Andrea Stewart-Cousins. He filed close to 6,000 pre-election challenges to voters in that race. Ciampoli is also the same attorney who represented Nick Spano in the 2004 recount of the 35th State Senate District race.

We marched and will continue to march to demand Sue Kelly stop these tactics and honor the will of the voters. It's time she finally learned to listen to her constituents.

Speaking at the press conference were Doni Belau, a Bedford mother of two, Zara Jackson, a senior from Somers, Anthony Merante, a veteran from Phillipstown, and Michelle Cooper, a small business owner from Peekskill.

More photos are here and the full release will be posted shortly.

Absentee ballots are due at the various local BoE by tomorrow (Nov. 14th), so Sue will have another day or two to blather about not conceding until every vote is counted. After that, no more semantic games, Sue, give it up. It's most unseemly behavior for a lady your age...

(Besides, the longer you wait, the harder it's gonna be to find a new job on K Street, what with all the other soon-to-be-unemployed getting a 2 week head start!)
We've turned comments back on, so feel free to post. But please, please try to keep from going too nasty on Sue. True, she deserves it. But just as John Hall outclassed her during the campaign despite unprecendented attacks, we shouldn't sink to her level, even if it feels so good.
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