Sunday, November 05, 2006


Where does Sue Kelly stand on Rumsfeld?

The Army Times, the leading independent publication read by military leaders, is calling for Donald Rumsfeld to resign over his mis-handling of the Iraq quagmire. According to CNN:
The editorial will be in four independent publications that serve the four main branches of the U.S. military, according to the senior managing editor for Army Times Publications, the papers' parent company.
Curious what Sue Kelly's stand on this important issue? So are we. Why don't you call her and ask? 202.225.5441 in DC or 845.291.4100 (Orange County), 845.897.5200 (Dutchess County) or 914.962.0761 in Westchester. We'd certainly like to know.

Like we have to guess how Sue will feel on this -- "stay the course." She doesn't think for herself anyway -- she just goes with the Republican flow -- whatever Rove and Bush want her to do.

Hall has run a damn good campaign. He has earned our vote on Tuesday -- not only because he is "not Kelly" but because of the positions he has laid out on Iraq, healthcare, the environment, and many other issues of concern to voters of NY-19. He will not be a rubber stamp and will challenge the Bush administration -- providing the oversight and checks-and-balances that the Congress should provide. I can't wait to vote on Tuesday.
Cook Political Report (had the distinct pleasure of meeting senior editor Amy Walter on one of my recent trips to DC) has upgraded our district from "Likely Republican" to "Lean Republican" (as of 11/2) in their final updates before the election, further indicating the competitiveness of our district and the momentum of the campaign in Hall's favor. Hall can win this!
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