Thursday, November 09, 2006


An open letter to Sue Kelly

Dear Sue,

It should be apparent to you (as it is to CNN, MSNBC, The Journal News, etc. etc.) that John Hall defeated you fair and square on Tuesday and is now our Representative Elect.

But no, you can't go quietly into retirement. You couldn't show some dignity or class like President Bush did today when he welcomed the new Congressional leadership to lunch. Instead of ending your career in public service on a high note, you've stooped to lawyering up and throwing out accusations and innuendo.

Sue, we've known you for a long time and honestly, while we've had our disagreements, we respect you for your public service and dedication to at least some of your constituents. We're sorry you can't show the same respect and dedication in defeat.

For the sake of the voters of the 19th Congressional District who expect to have their voices count and for the sake of our Country, stop this nonsense Sue. It's beneath you.

Just a quick heads up to say we've temporarily turned off comments to avoid any unusually nasty comments about Sue.

We are all for counting every vote. But lawyering up with the attorney she has chosen is not about counting the votes -- it's about supressing them.
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