Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Sue Kelly's empty chair...

As we've noted here and here, Sue Kelly only comes out of her bunker to talk to real voters when she's guaranteed a friendly audience. Need evidence? Just look at these images from last night's debate at RNN TV.

Just more evidence that Sue Kelly has no new ideas. And she can't defend the ones she already has. During the editorial board meeting at the Times Herald Record on Monday, Kelly actually said that "Iraq is mostly pacified now". Really? Wonder what the families of these 10 soldiers would have to say about that.

Oh, you should've posted a pic of Sue running away from the reporter at the beginning of the show! Her goon stood between her and the reporter as she ran away as fast as she could. Hilarious!
She really said Iraq is mostly pacified now? I can't believe it. No wonder she is running from debating; the Bush administration policies that she has "rubber stamped" are simply indefensible.
We haven't seen a transcript, but that's taken from a press release that the Hall campaign put out. Other pearls from that release? That Sue Kelly, who sits on the Financial Services committee didn't know the difference between the national debt and the federal deficit -- a difference that any high school student who's taken an economics class could tell you.
From the moment Kelly bunkered herself up, you knew Hall was at least tied and most likely ahead.

Constituent Dynamics/RT Strategies polled the 19th and gave Hall a 9 point lead (49-40). Sweeney down 13 looks out of whack in that heavily R 20th district, but I believe the others, like Maffei 51-43 over Walsh in the 25th and Massa 52-40 over Kuhl further upstate in the 29th.
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