Saturday, September 16, 2006


Sue Kelly to Pound Ridge Voters: "Thanks for the chili; no pictures please!"

A beautiful late summer weekend. Perfect for a country fair. And our operative, let's call him PoundRidge Dem, spent today with his family at the Pound Ridge Community Fair. Unbeknownst to him, Sue Kelly and her personal army of handlers were there as well and they would not suffer anyone to bother poor Sue Kelly as she wolfed down a bowl of chili and ignored Pound Ridge voters.

We'll let PoundRidge Dem take it from here:
I was enjoying a beautiful day in the park with my family when who should I see rushing by us but Sue Kelly and two men - one older and in a t-shirt and another much younger, maybe college age, in a suit and dark sunglasses.

Sue Kelly and her entourage, if you could call it that, zipped right by the community booths, the games, the families and the rest and headed right to the food stand. Sue and the older man then walked even further away from the crowds, to the bleachers near the playground, while the kid in the suit stood guard behind them.

I was shooting a few pictures of my kids, who happened to be behind Sue and her buddies, in the playground. Predictably enough, she was sitting alone, talking to the other guy while real live voters were sitting five feet away.

There's Sue, her bowl of chili and her friend on the right, and real live voters on the left.

No sooner had I realized who was in my viewfinder than I felt a cold clammy hand on my shoulder and found the younger goon standing right over me. "Who are you and who are you with?" he demanded.

"I'm taking pictures, is that allowed?" I asked.

"I just want to be sure you aren't with the media." he said. And continued to stare at me with a slightly exaggerated (and very amusing) air of menace. As if he were trying to scare me I suppose.

"Am I still allowed to take pictures?" I asked.

He started to say something and I guess he thought better of it because he then stomped off back to his position immediately behind Sue Kelly and her chili and her other friend. Here's his picture. If you run into Sue and have a camera, be ready for an inquisition.
At this point I rounded up the brood and left figuring it was a good time to head home. But I'm sure if you ask anyone who was there, they wouldn't even know Sue Kelly came by today. And if Sue Kelly's staff is willing to harass a guy with his six year old son standing right next to him just for the sin of carrying a camera too close to her, imagine what they would do to someone who actually has a question for her.

There you have it folks. Whatever you do, don't get between Sue Kelly and her bowl of chili.

She was probably being given another environmentalist award by the guy in the T shirt.
The guy Sue Kelly is talking with is Frank Sisti - he is the Pound Ridge Rep Town Committee chair. Gotta give the guy his due - at 66 he is retired and spends ALL his time at politiking. On the Library Board, Lions, Volunteer Fire Department. I have heard he personally calls every newly enrolled Rep. in town. He is GREAT at getting out the Republican vote. We have to be as connected and put in as much effort in getting out the vote as he does if we are going to get rid of Sue Kelly... ARE WE UP TO THE TASK?
Excellent information. Very glad we were able to ID him. It is clear, then, why Sue Kelly was giving him so much attention.

We have to work 3X harder to make sure that we translate this anger with the Kelly/Bush agenda into mobilized voters in November.

Kelly will be using the usual Republican tactics -- fear of terror, fear of taxes, fear of gays, fear of foreigners. We have to show the Republicans for what they are and what they are doing -- regressive taxation that benefits the rich over the poor, reckless pork spending and fiscal irresponsibility, attacks on our civil liberties, reckless foreign policies that are endangering our security and standing in the world, no investment in real alternate energy strategies, no real plan for educating our students for the knowledge-based economy, and on and on.
I am Frank Sisti, the "friend" in PoundRidge Dem's message.
I respect anyone's right to disagree with sue kelly on issues. That is fair game, and welcomed in an election.
But PRD, possible not having any facts, stoops to the lowest form of politicking. His diatribe is factually incorrect, filled with distortions; as a matter of fact it is a lie, written without the courage to state his name. Further, it does a diservice to Democrats, many of whom I consider friends, even though I do not see eye to eye with them on political issues.
If anyone wishes to discuss the Town Fair letter, please call me, or e mail at
Unlike Pound Ridge Dem, I don't lurk in the dark.
Lastly, thanks to afriendofax, who recognized my efforts as Republican Chair. Hard work (regardless of party) is a key to success.
Sue was at the Peekskill Rotary Horse Show on Sunday. She was doing the same thing - eating, and talking with her friends and that same guy she's with in the Pound Ridge photo. One would think that she'd want to walk around & socialize with her constituents. Maybe she's scared of them. Just gravitates to the safe spots.
Frank Sisti-

You say PRD's post is "factually incorrect" and "is a lie", but you are not specific.

Which of PRD's facts are incorrect, and which of his statements are a lie? Without details, your statements dont really stand up well.
indypendynt asked for lies and factually incorrect statements by PRD.

First,she did not have an "entourage". Just her, and an aide, and for a while me.
Untrue that she "zipped by the community booths"...she made stops and chatted.
Congresswomen Kelly (as did Adam Bradley) also spent time in front of her party's booth, bein introduced and greeting visitors. During that time she talked at length to constituents, and was also introduced to and chatted with others.
I don't understand "a cold clammy hand on my shoulder". Unless, of course, the person was topless.
While i did not directly hear the conversatio, my understanding was it was simply an inquiry asking if tyhe photographer was from the media. The purpose to find out who was covering the event.
I know the fellow who asked the question. To call him a "goon" and "threatening" is beyong belief!
The reason for the chili stop. Sue asked if we coud rest for a few minutes and have a snack (she had been campaigning all day). She purchased her snack and chatted with the volunteers at the cook tent.
When finished, she chatted with the mother with the baby in the stroller in the first photo.
Glad to be of help.
Mr. Sisti -

Thank you for taking the time to

Noone really cares whether Sue
Kelly had chili with you, whether
she paid for the chili herself, or
how long she spent in front of
this booth or that booth.

Except for the rude behavior of
her aide, none of that matters
(either in the original post or
your reply.)

What DOES matter:

Why she allowed her party to
subpoena a (tragically) brain
dead woman from Florida to appear
in Washington for the polical
gain of her party.

Why she allowed Tom Delay to
corrupt my government, by allowing
him free reign (without public
comment) to ethically trash the
House. She helped lead the House
(overall) to a 30% job approval
rating; the same poll showed half
of America thought Congress was
corrupt. Thanks Sue.

Why she contiues to bankrupt my
country by passing one tax break
after another on day 1, and on
day 2, write as much pork as
possible into every nook and cranny
of every spending bill. All done
for the benefit of the richest
of American citizens.

Why she voted for a flawed and
bloated Medicare part D that will
help drug companies ("no price
negotiation") much more than our
poor, and hasten the time when
the United States begins to
default on its national debt.
And stood by and did nothing when
we found out the price went from
400 Billion just before passage,
to over 530 Billion a month
after passage.

Why she allowed the above vote to
take place over several hours in
the middle of the night, breaking
House rules, while Delay and
company twisted arms and threatened
political careers in order to get
it passed (no matter WHAT).

Why she voted for huge tax breaks
for gas companies in a year when
gas companies are making windfall
profits on the backs of average
americans. And she does nothing
about it.

Why Sue stood by while the
Justice department declared that
medical records are not private,
and successfully subpoened womens' health records.

All of the above, and much more,
are what this site is all about.
Not chili.
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