Monday, October 16, 2006


Sue Kelly declares Oct. 16 Groundhog Day!

Later today, Sue Kelly will come out of her hole to appear at a Farm Forum at Warwick Town Hall in Orange County. Though seats are extremely limited, this is the only public forum that Kelly has agreed to, despite the fact that her spokesman, Jay Townsend, continues to lie about the number of debates Kelly has agreed to.

Need evidence about just how hard Kelly is hiding? Well, she's already blown off invites from the League of Women Voters not once, not twice, but three times. We'll note that while some extremists on Kelly's side claim that the League is partisan, there's plenty of other members of Congress, including Sue's fellow Republicans, who are participating in debates sponsored by the group (see here and here and here).

But Kelly's not just blowing off the League of Women Voters. She's also blowing off RNN -- the only channel available to people who get their television via cable or a satellite dish. Here's a snippet from the letter RNN hand-delivered to Kelly on Friday:

As you and your campaign are aware, despite repeated requests by the Westchester County chapter of the League of Women Voters, you have failed to respond to a non-partisan invitation to participate in a regionally televised debate with your 19th District Congressional Seat opponent John Hall.

As a result, RNN-TV is left with no alternative but to proceed without the auspices of the League. So, we will continue with plans to air a debate with or without your presence as scheduled on Tuesday, October 17th at 8pm originating from the RNN-TV studios in Rye Brook, NY. Your absence will be represented by an empty chair.

Meanwhile, as the Journal News reported yesterday, many Republicans are beginning to have concerns about Kelly's cover-up of the Mark Foley scandal, otherwise known as Pagegate.

How much longer can she really continue to hide? Even the groundhog makes an appearance once a year, Sue. It's time to come out of your hole and meet the voters of the 19th district!

You also have to wonder why Sue also does not post her schedule of appearances on her website, the way John Hall does?

Something to hide, perhaps? Or not really that concerned about meeting with her constituents, a trait which has been documented here many times.
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