Wednesday, October 18, 2006


New independent poll shows Sue Kelly's days are numbered!

A new independent poll conducted by Majority Watch shows that Sue Kelly may soon have plenty of free time to spend being a "wife, mother and grandmother" as she indignantly shouted the other day. This new poll shows that John Hall is leading Kelly 49% to 40%. The crosstabs (pdf) are given and can be evaluated by those wanting the data -- it just shows that this race is one to look at. There's also these numbers from the latest NBC/WSJ poll, which while not local, show that the public thinks Congress is doing a lousy job.

Now, a few weeks ago, before Sue's ties to former Congressman Mark Foley were clear, John Hall released an internal poll that showed him and Kelly running neck and neck, with Kelly at 49% to Hall's 45%. But as this story in the Times Herald Record noted, Kelly's folks didn't give the poll much credence because it wasn't independent. Kelly spokesman Jay Townsend said of the poll results: "No independent source has released anything close to this. It is at variance with what we've done internally."

How will Jay spin this one? Post your guesses in the comment section.

This is great news! All we have to do is keep exposing Sue "Rubber Stamp" Kelly's record to the voters of NY-19. Kelly still has a lot of money and can still run a lot of ads trying to deceive voters, while hiding from any real public debates. But change is in the air; you can feel it. This will truly restore my faith in American democracy. You can only push things to the extremes so far and then the America voter wakes up and says.. "wait a minute; I really don't like where we are heading" and votes for change. Keep up the good work!
My guess is they'll claim it's Bill Clinton's fault. You know those Republicans, can't take the responsibility for anything.

Let's not get complacent. There's still two weeks to go and we have to work work work to evict Sue and get a real representative who will work for us in Washington.
It's the bloggers fault.
This is is very good news and a recent poll too. Don't forget that there was an article in the Journal News yesterday saying Kelly had more money on hand. So this is not the time to slacken.

Poor Sue - she thinks lowering tax rates lowers taxes. There is no free lunch. You have to pay for everything you buy. The only way to lower taxes overall is to buy less. If we buy an Aircraft Carrier, as we recently did, that has to be paid for no matter what the tax rates. If there is not sufficient money to pay for it now, we go deeper in debt, and future taxpayers will have to pay for it with interest.

I think John Hall will focus more on taxing the rich - not the typical family of the 19th. But there are also many ways we could have saved money. The Iraq war is obvious. $300 billion and counting. That's $1000 for every man, women, and child in the U.S. and some gave much much more.

Prescription drug benefits is a second area the US could make money. Right now the VA is allowed to bargain to get low prices. Medicare is not - and thus pays higher prices. Remove this stupid restriction and lower costs.

Another way to make money is to sell the TVA (Tenn. Valley Authority.) Why should the Fed. Govt. be in the electric power business in one part of the country.

In short, in addition to raising taxes on the rich there are many things we can do to make more money.

Anyone interested in getting involved in ousting Sue Kelly? I work with an independent group who is doing just that and we NEED volunteers BADLY! Be a part of history in helping us take back CONGRESS! Email me @
You need to update this story as Majority Watch has a newer poll out that shows the race is closer- 49 to 47 in favor of Hall.
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