Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Desperado (again!)...

Back in April, we poked at Sue for needing to turn to Arizona Senator John McCain for help with her fundraising. Well, the second quarter numbers are now out and Sue is looking even more desperate. Why? Because the actual people that she depends on to vote for her here in the 19th aren't exactly lining up in droves to contribute to her campaign.

Indeed, a quick look at the second quarter numbers shows that Kelly is increasingly relying on big money PACs to fund her campaign. In the latest quarter, Kelly raised nearly $400,000. What's surprising is that nearly $250,000 of it (about 63%) is from PACs. This is up from the 54% that PAC donations previously represented. With very few exceptions, these PACs aren't located here in the 19th, which begs the question: exactly what do these PACs expect from Kelly in return?

Moving on to the indivdual donations, a quick skim shows that only around half of her individual contributions came from people who live in the district. Not that there's anything wrong with collecting money from people who live outside the district. But between the PACs and the people who don't live in the district, you have to wonder exactly who Sue is working for.

'Special Interest Sue' just keeps raking in that PAC money. Unless she's replaced this year we can look forward to another two years of her selling out the people of NY-19.
Money raised by NY-19 Dem challengers:

Aydelott: $165,218 2Q, $344,344 COH
Hall: $238,083 2Q, $220,835 COH

Incumbent Sue Kelly:

$393,482 2Q, $1,207,757 COH

Hall or Aydelott must cut Kelly's COH advantage to about 2:1 to get the message out and give Kelly a run for her money.
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