Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Waffling Sue...

As we noted in December, Sue voted not just once, but twice on a punitive anti-immigration bill that would not only erect a giant fence along the border with Mexico, but would also force tens of thousands of young children born in this country to illegal immigrants to become state wards (can you say tax hike?) when their parents are sent back to whatever country they came from.

Students and clergy, not to mention Hispanics, are up-in-arms over the version of the bill Sue signed her name to. So what does Sue do? Waffle, big-time! With extra syrup. Here's what her designated hitter told the Times Herald-Record yesterday:

Kelly spokesman Kevin Callahan said the congresswoman didn't support all the provisions in the bill. "She supported it as a first step toward addressing the illegal immigration problem and better enforcing our laws," Callahan said.

So let's get this straight: Sue voted for the legislation twice, but now she doesn't agree with pieces of it? And, if that's the case, which specific pieces does she have a problem with and why didn't she raise her concerns back in December, before she voted?

To paraphrase Tom Friedman's so-called Pottery Barn rule here, You vote it, you own it. After all, waffles really only taste good at breakfast!

Excuse me, but how is it a problem that she now disagrees with something she voted for? The boss tells her to vote for it, she votes for it. What's agreement got to do with it?
I mean, you expect her to believe in this stuff just because she votes for it? But if she believed in it, then you'd expect her to stand up for it, and to be able to debate in favor of it and ... oh, wait, I forgot, this is Sue we're talking about. Sorry.'re assuming that sockpuppets have brains and think for themselves...and make sense...
Sue, how about if, instead of making the illegal immigrants felons, we make those who HIRE them felons? Hmmm, I wonder if Sue's hubby has ever hired illegals? Illegals, in the construction biz? To quote from Casablanca, "I'm shocked!" I wonder if Sue hires a landscaper to maintain her yard, or a cleaning service for her offices. If you couldn't find at least one illegal worker there, I'd be very surprised.

IMO, this immigration issue is just a smokescreen for the fact that the GOP isn't doing squat to protect our borders from terrorists. They are unwilling to do anything on stuff like port security, and need to look like they are doing SOMETHING to keep people from just waltzing into our country. In the meantime, they forget to note that the 9/11 hijackers all entered the US with legal visas...
It's Shari Lewis' fault.
Has she ever gone on record on the floor that she had ANY disagreements with this bill?
Or, did she read the bill at all before she voted for it?
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