Sunday, December 18, 2005


Sue says: Good fences make good neighbors!

It's hard to know where to begin with the flurry of votes Sue has been taking over the past few days as the House rushes to head off for yet another vacation. But we were particularly amused by Sue's vote (actually, make that votes) on erecting a giant fence along the border with Mexico, complete with bright lights and security cameras.

Of course, given the 19th's proximity to Mexico, what Sue really seems to be saying is that she's in favor of building a fence around Peekskill and Haverstraw and Beacon -- all cities in the 19th with large concentrations of Hispanics -- so as to keep the illegals out of more affluent towns like Garrison, Nyack and East Fishkill. For a more detailed discussion of the vote, check out this article in the WaPo, which basically says the legislation is full of holes. And as the Miami Herald notes in this story, it's really likely to piss off Hispanic voters.

But perhaps the strangest thing about Sue's vote is that it places a tremendous amount of burden on business owners -- a group she routinely claims that she cares deeply about -- by requiring them to submit their employees' Social Security numbers to a national database, presumably to make sure the SS#s are legit. Of course, business owners would have to cover the cost, which we're guessing would not be insignificant, not to mention a fair amount of hassle, to do this. So much for Small Business Sue!

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