Thursday, January 05, 2006


Sue's double-speak on college aid!

We've been amazed at all of the notes we've received from people across the district in response to our post earlier this week on Sue's votes to limit federal student loan aid to college students. What a shock: suburban voters are really concerned about how they're going to pay for their kid's college education(s). Indeed, one reader pointed us to this page on Sue's own website that proclaims her undying devotion to making college more affordable by introducing something last February called the "More Money for College Act". Sue's plan called for making the cost of college totally tax-deductible.

But staging press conferences and getting the local media to write about you -- even introducing legislation -- doesn't mean that much when that legislation (which we'll note is barely one page long) goes absolutely nowhere. It's been nearly a year since Sue introduced her plan and it's yet to move out of committee. Or attract a single co-sponsor. Indeed, we've seen cars on icy roads with more traction.

As the campaign heats up over the next few months, we assume that Sue will point to her "More Money for College" legislation as evidence that she's doing something to help worried parents. But the fact that she voted to cut over $12 billion from federal student loan programs should speak a lot louder than some legislation that's gone nowhere.

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