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College student heading nowhere? Blame Sue!

The holidays may be over, but chances are your favorite college student is still hanging around at home because classes don't start back up for another week or two. Of course, if Sue Kelly has her way, your college-aged child may wind up sticking around quite a bit longer than either of you had anticipated.

That's because the $12.7 billion in student aid cuts that Sue voted for late last month before taking off on her six-week recess represent "the biggest cut in the history of the federal student loan program." That's not our opinion. That's what David Ward, who heads up the American Council on Education had to say about the cuts.

Indeed, Sue voted in favor of cutting student aid on at least three different occasions late last year. As NY Times columnist Bob Herbert noted in his column today (no link, subscription required), Republicans are trying to spin this as only impacting banks and other lenders, as opposed to students and their parents. But given that Sue had received over $140,000 from banking lobbyists through Oct. 31 (new numbers will be available in two weeks), it's hard to believe that she'd do anything to harm that cash cow.

Wasn't this administration supposed to be the "education" administration?

Aside from lying to us on countless other things, this is one of the issues that affects everyone in the district, especially soon-to-be voters (i'm in this boat) who are high-school and unregistered college students, College students who are registered, and teachers who live in the district.

One of the hopefuls for taking back NY-19 has a strong background in education, and I doubt that Ben Shuldiner (or any other candidate) would have voted for this provision.

Among other shortcomings that Sue Kelly has failed us on, this is the most damaging long term thing she could do.

It is time for change, it's time to put education on the front burner, and Ben Shuldiner I think would do that for us better than the other candidates, not to say they wouldn't, but that's my opinion.
It seems like I should move Sue Kelly into the WEAK RETENTION column on my site. Please drop me a comment when a poll comes out in your district on the House race. Thanks.
It seems like I should move Sue Kelly into the WEAK RETENTION column on my site. Please drop me a comment when a poll comes out in your House district.
I am a working professional with a good salary. Unfortunately, due to the cutbacks in student aid breaks and the continuing rise of interest rates, I find myself struggling to get by and make a decent living for myself. 10 years ago when I started my post-high school education, I never envisioned this happening. This must stop. We HAVE to take the 19th district out of Republican control and place it in the hands of Democrats. Out of the 5 candidates running, it seems that Darren Rigger has the best skills and organization to do this. When Rigger replaces Kelly, we won't have to worry about these things.
I'm with you. I blame sue.
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This blog is excellent! I'm a former resident of Orange County and the 19th District. These days I relish how my current representative (Carolyn Maloney) votes in accordance to something like a standard of democratic principle and care for common people. Sue Kelly is a mendacious hack who's carried oceans of water for the likes of Tom DeLay all the while under a poorly maintained "moderate" disguise. Popular with real estate developers, the Kiryas Joel crowd, and people who blindly pull the Republican lever, it's time for Ms. Doin'-Nuttin'-in-Katonah to move on to the private sector. She's drooling to anyway; why not help her out? In any event, this blog is now bookmarked, looking forward to working on Rep. Kelly's early retirement.
C, you mention her tightness with Kiryas Joel crowd. What's her interaction with them like? As a newcomer to Orange County I'm aware they're players of a sort in local politics, but what is Kelly's connection to them?
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