Wednesday, November 01, 2006


PoJo endorses Hall over Kelly

Hot the off press:
The Poughkeepsie Journal has endorsed John Hall over Sue Kelly. For those who are keeping score, that means the four major newspapers that cover the area all chose Hall. None endorsed Kelly, a shocking turn of events for the 12-year incumbent. Here's a few snips:

Hall is particularly strong on environmental issues. He makes the compelling and important point this nation needs to start weaning itself off oil and other fossil fuels; the government should start backing more alternative forms of energy.

[kelly] has been overly and relentlessly optimistic about the situation in Iraq, from the misguided reasons to go to war to the strategy employed thereafter.

Hall has the intelligence and depth to make quite a difference in Congress if given the opportunity. If he doesn't veer too far to the left and shows a willingness to work with those across the political aisle, he could accomplish a lot for the district and bring fresh ideas to Washington. Voters should give him that chance.

The bottom line is that even as Sue Kelly tries to spin, deflect and even run away, the people who call NY-19 home are planning her retirement party.

PoJo is a conservative paper that has always endorsed Kelly, so this is very significant. Momentum is building for Hall; we just can't let the Republican scare machine keep the voters of NY-19 from thinking and voting for the change that we really need.
Kelly has a nasty radio ad out right now. what a sicko she is. and now she's hanging out with that sicko Greg Ball as well. right wing nuts of a feather flock together.
This radio ad, which Kelly has now proudly linked from her campaign website, is complete garbage! I've never, in all my years of listening to these ads, heard one that was so ridiculous. If crawling through the companies in Hall's retirement mutual funds is the best she can do for a campaign ad, this is REALLY, REALLY SAD. This from someone who takes corporate money out the ears and votes as the Republican leadership tells her to -- usually to the advantage of the corporate interests over the average American. (Take Medicare D as an example -- this legislation was written by Pfizer.)

Greg Ball is a right-wing nut job. If Ken Harper doesn't win, we're in trouble. Kelly must be really desparate to be hanging out with the likes of Ball.
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