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What's Sue Kelly's problem with Westchester?

As this article in the Journal News noted over the weekend, Sue Kelly refuses to debate with John Hall in Westchester. She never even responded to three separate invites from the League of Women voters in Somers. Though her spokesman, who happens to be Pat Buchanan's former campaign manager, tried to dismiss concerns over the debates in this item that ran in yesterday's Times Herald Record, you have to wonder what's going through their heads. Is Westchester really that scary for Sue, even though she has under-represented the area for the past 12 years and who claims in her campaign literature to be a "47 year resident of Hudson Valley" (sic)?

According to the latest numbers from the state, there are 121,919 voters in Westchester who live in NY-19, which makes it the largest part of the district after Orange County. Don't those 121,919 people -- few of whom we're assuming will be invited to Sue's newspaper editorial board meetings that she is trying to pass off as actual debates -- deserve to hear what Sue Kelly has to say? Not to mention that one of those editorial board meetings is set for West Nyack, which last time we checked, is located in Eliot Engel's district.

If you live in Westchester, call Kelly's office in Washington (202.225.5441) and demand a public debate in Westchester. Come to think of it, Putnam County residents deserve a public debate too. After spending the past 12 years in Congress, the 121,919 voters who live in Westchester deserve more than lip-service and lame excuses from their Representative in Congress!

UPDATE: Apparently, Sue doesn't have a problem taking money from Westchester residents. She just has a problem with an open debate in Westchester. According to this item on the JoNews blog, Sue will speak for $55 a plate at LeChateau in South Salem on Oct. 19.

It seems strange that Sue Kelly is willing to travel all the way to Orange County to debate John Hall, but cannot make the 10 minute drive from Katonah to Somers to debate him there. It is her home turf -- what is she afraid of? (A: Drawing too much attention to the race in D-leaning Westchester, as the numbers linked to by take19's post suggest...)
maybe Greg Ball will show up in a chicken suit and harass her until she shows up.
I really don't mind not going to the LWV's meeting.

I mean its dumb to not just flat out tell them 'I'm sorry I can't go.' then completly ignore their invites... but whatever.

What I do expect is Sue Kelly to pick the places she goes from a rather selective list of groups. (its her right as hall did give her this option as a viable choice for locations -- they are all up to her to choose)

I don't get why she doesn't actually choose five places to hold the debates with an audience already leaning or heavily leaning in her favor...

And a chicken suit is nice... but lets make it in front of her office with cameras instead of an alternatively named fundraiser.
You all are just picking on Sue Kelly because she is not too bright and could not defend herself if a debate. For example, if the issues of her votes against prescription drug re-importation or trigger locks for hand guns came up she would have little to say that could not be deflected easily.

So you are just trying to embarrass her for being what she is. You should be ashamed.


Don't misunderstand us. We don't pick on Sue because of whatever level of intelligence she may or may not have. We pick on her because she is not representing her district's interests.

Am I to imply from your post that we should stop picking on her because you think we're being mean? All citizens deserve the best representation possible, and whether it's stupidity, incompetence, or listening to the GOP agenda over the wishes of your constituents, none of those behaviors deserves to be rewarded.

Feel sorry for her if you want, but vote your own interests/wallet for a change.
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