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What did Sue Kelly know about the Mark Foley cover-up?

A short time ago, John Hall urged Sue Kelly to come clean about her time as Chair of the House Page Board:

John Hall Questions Sue Kelly About Scandal

BEACON, NY Democratic congressional nominee John Hall today called on Rep. Sue Kelly to answer relevant questions about the unfolding scandal regarding Rep. Mark Foley and the sexually explicit messages he exchanged with teenaged congressional pages. "It is critical for Rep. Kelly to be as forthcoming as possible about her time as the Chair of the Page Board," said Hall. “Rep. Foley’s perverse actions may have taken place under Sue Kelly’s watch. When it seems that so many others knew of Foley’s lewd and entirely inappropriate behavior, why didn’t Sue Kelly? And if she did know, why didn’t she do anything to protect these children?”

Lots of questions are beginning to surface about exactly what Kelly, who depending on the source either served as Page Board Chair in the 106th-108th Congresses (2000-2004) (see this report (pdf)) or was there from 1999 to 2001.

Two versions of this AP story (early and later) also give slightly different dates.

And then there's the question of her official spokesman, Kevin Callahan, sounding more than a bit shrill when a THR reporter began asking some questions for this article. Said Callahan: ""I don't see where you're going with this, other than on some witch hunt," Callahan told the Times Herald-Record. "I don't see what you're trying to do other than connect her to a sick man. All I can tell you is that no incidents came to her attention while she was chair."

Was Kelly part of the Foley cover-up? Why not give her office a call and ask: 202.225.5441 in DC or 845.291.4100 (Orange County), 845.897.5200 (Dutchess County) or 914.962.0761 in Westchester. Don't we deserve to know the truth about what Kelly knew and whether she was doing her job protecting our children?

Here's some really great commentary on the scandal:

And I quote: "So who is to blame for the Republicans' mishandling of Foley's inappropriate behavior? Somehow, we are told it is the larger culture. Somehow it is gay people. And, somehow it is the Democrats even though they knew nothing about Foley's actions, and in fact, were kept in the dark by the Republicans overseeing the page program."

And we know who some of the Republicans overseeing the page program were!

The Republicans are scrambling for a scapegoat. Sue (voted-for-the-FMA) Kelly is right along with these guys, pandering to the right wing. Is this what we want for NY 19? I don't think so.
So when was Sue Kelly really chair of the page board? We need to find out. This document, prepared by the Congressional Research Service says she was chair from the 103rd through 108th Congresses, which would put her there during most of this mess.
The report that 19th district dude lists above is an updated version of the same report we included in the post above. While it's possible that the CRS got the dates wrong, clearly Kelly has some 'splaining to do.
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See this storyabout Kelly/Foley on the Daily Kos.

Elsewhere on the the Kos, a poster suggested, "by denying she knew anything about this, though she was head of the board, doesn't that make it appear that she was at the very least disengaged, asleep at the wheel and obviously not doing her job? If she did know something and did nothing, that's even worse."

Another comment from the same Kos thread: "Kelly either knew and covered up or Kelly had no clue what was happening with her own charges. In either case she is shown to be clearly unfit for a position of such responsibility."
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