Monday, October 23, 2006


Sue Kelly's Paranoia Deepens...

Today's Times-Herald Record released some information from the editorial board meeting they had last week with Sue Kelly and her challenger, John Hall. In this article headlined, "Sue Kelly Strikes Back Part Deux", the THR describes two fits that Kelly had during the debate.

First up:

Kelly set the tone before the camera even started rolling by objecting to the debate's format, which required two-minute opening statements.

Should be an easy feat for a six-term congresswoman, right?

"I was not told that," she said. "I was not told that there were opening or closing statements. We actually checked. They indicated that that was not going to happen."

Hmmmm, and then she continues to lose her grip a little later:

Times Herald-Record Executive Editor Mike Levine was framing a question about the Iraq war. His hands were fumbling with a highlighted piece of paper.

"Is that a John Hall release you have there?" she probed.

"No, this is the Times Herald-Record."

"Just checking."

None of this sounds like "Striking Back" to me. And, of course, we know she totally freaked over the Mark Foley connection during this debate as well. Plus, in her Journal-News interview video, Sue looks about to cry and mirrors her boss George W. Bush by talking about "working hard."

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