Saturday, October 14, 2006


Sue Kelly's alternate reality...

Late yesterday, Sue put out a laughable response to the ad that Majority Action put out. Here's a snippet:

Majority Action is dumping half a million dollars into this race-money that is being used to air a filthy, scurrilous attack on my character and integrity. What is Majority Action? One of those mysterious democrat shadow groups called a "527," funded by well-healed fat cats who can cut six and seven figure checks and operate outside the rules imposed on federal candidates.

So let's get this straight: putting out a commercial that takes a close (albeit critical) look at Sue's massive campaign donations is filthy and scurrilous. But attacking former Sen. Max Cleland for being in bed with Osama bin Laden as the Republican 527 Progress for America did back in 2002 or as "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" -- another 527 that was active in 2004 -- is perfectly fine in Sue's book.

If that's Sue Kelly's idea of reality, than she really is more out of touch than we thought!

Speaking of "scrurrilous" attacks, Sue Kelly's latest anti-John-Hall ads are outrageous. The fact that she is resorting to such negative ads (with dark colors and sinister music) indicates her desparation. Voters in the 19th district are smart enough to see through Sue Kelly's attacks for what they are.

Sue "Rubber Stamp" Kelly has to be fired. Change is coming to the 19th district.
One of the saddest
phenomenons that has taken place in our country in recent years is the ability by political operatives like Karl Rove, and the Republicans in general, to instill fear into average, hard working, decent citizens. So you had voters in '96 and again in 2000 cast their votes against health care for their children in a trade off to prevent gays from gaining equal protections under the law. Now, any half way intelligent person would understand which issue is more important to their families, but the skill of these truly vile advisors prevailed.

So what does that have to do with the Kelly/Hall race?

Whenever the local papers do a piece on a pre-arranged photo-op of Mz Kelly, it invariably shows her smiling and kneeling with local disabled veterans. The implication being, of course, that she cares about veterans and works for their benefit. Well, in her heart she may care, but being a Republican means you can't vote what's in your heart, you must vote the way you're told to vote. So check this out:

"Americans for Shared Sacrifice" displays a telling set of numbers.
On eight votes that supported veterans:
Every Democrat had at least a 50%, rating. 115 Democrats had a 100% rating, 49 Dems had an 88% rating and 29 Dems had a 75% rating.
Republicans, on the other hand, everyone of which has backed Bush to the hilt on this war, voted against vets most of the time:
Only 5 Republicans rated over 50%. One hundred and seventy rated only 25% - and two rate a zero.

No, Sue Kelly was not one of the 0's, she was way up there at 25% She voted AGAINST our wonderful veterans 75% of the time.

Another group, "The Disabled American Veterans," EACH member having been awarded a Purple Heart medal, have awarded her with a rating of "0" for voting again and again to CUT funding for disabled veterans.

Dear God, when will we learn? What will it take? When will the last bastion of protection for our citizens, "The News Media," begin telling the truth?
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