Monday, October 16, 2006


Sue Kelly loses it on camera over Mark Foley!

Well, now we know why Sue has been in hiding. Because when the hard questions start flying about Pagegate, Sue doesn't know how to answer other than to say that she's a wife, a mother and a grandmother. So are a lot of people, Sue. But none of those wives, mothers and grandmothers happened to have served as Chair of the Page Board when the first pages began complaining about Mark Foley's creepy behavior.

To watch the video of Sue unraveling, head here and click on the "You have no shame" link. Doesn't it kind of remind you of the scene in the Wizard of Oz where the bad witch melts before your very eyes?

And to learn more about what Sue knew, check out, a new site that should help Sue refresh her memory.

The bottom line is this: Sue either knew about Mark Foley and did nothing. Or she wasn't doing her job.

Thanks for the whole suewknew and those ads you've been running tying Sue to Foley. It really got a lot of us here in E Fishkill involved. I know at leat 11 people that will now get out and vote for Sue that may have sat home otherwise! Great strategy.
Thanks again.
I found your site via today's dKos diary. Keep up the good work!

I'm trying to get attention to another long-shot race (WV-02) that has a Foley/Page Board connection.

I'm wondering if anyone here's been able to figure out anything more about the PROM fund-raising vehicle.
* Any idea who was the energy behind forming the committee?
* Is it just coincidence that Foley, a current (Shelley Moore Capito) and former (Sue Kelly) page board member were involved?
*Are there any other "interesting" connections related to PROM?

Feel free to visit us over at WV Kossacks if you want to swap notes. [Or, contact me by email if you'd prefer.]

Best of luck to you in taking back NY-19!
I would love to be able to see the entire "debate", rather than only the two snippets that are online. From these two snippets, Kelly clearly comes off pretty badly. Sue is yelling and screaming while Hall is quietly and calmly discussing the issues. She is acting like she is in the hotseat and she is. How can she justify to her constituents a "rubber stamp" (90%) voting record with the Bush administration? That's why she is shunning more public debates -- a strategy that will backfire. We need to get as many of these clips onto the internet as possible.
Well, Timothy, I'm guessing you're not a parent. Because if you were, you and your friends wouldn't be voting for someone who either chose to protect a known pedophile or who was too stupid to know that Foley was lurking around on her watch.

I'm not part of Take19. But I am a father. I'm also an independent voter. And none of the parents I know are voting for Sue. If she was babysitting our kids, she's be fired for complicity or ignorance.
I can understand why she lost it on camera. She should be nervous--the staffers on the Hill are talking under oath this week and they certainly could not care less about protecting Sue Kelly.

Exactly what the hell WAS Sue doing while she was chairing the page committee? Was she too busy entertaining lobbyists to find out what was going on?

Her ridiculous outburst is typical--a non-fact-based defense based on emotion, not her record. Guess what Sue, the fact that you are a mother doesn't MAKE YOU A COMPETENT MEMBER OF CONGRESS. For that you need intelligence, REAL independence and a respect for the people who put you in office.
I loved it when Mr. Hall told her to be quiet and listen to the rest of his sentence. Give 'er heck, John!
Josh Marshall has picked up on Sue Kelly's claims on his Talking Points blog and is asking for further info.
Read this, and remember what Sue said about being a Mom and Grandmother, and always protecting children...

Wanna guess how Sue voted?
here's a direct link to the video, it's worth watching:
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