Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Sue Kelly is feeling the heat

And obviously she can't stand it.

Nationally renown blogger Joshua Marshall has caught Sue Kelly in what is either a lie or at the very least a significant bending of the truth. Sue Kelly was head of the House Page Board from 1999 to 2001 but she claims to have been such a bastion of morality that Mark Foley either suspended his predatory ways, or didn't start until she stepped down from the Board in 2002.

So which is it Sue? A lie or another lie? Or do you want to tell us again that you just work there, you have nothing to do with the actual running of the place.

Marshall's article is here.

Updated article from Josh Marshall here...
I'm a little concerned that we've become too focussed on Foleygate, when there are other, more serious issues to consider. As an example, yesterday, Bush signed the Military Commissions Act with almost no attention. This is a horrendous attack on our civil liberties (a modern-day Alien and Sedition Acts), granting almost despotic powers to the President to declare anyway, including a U. S. citizen, an enemy combatant. Sue Kelly and the Republicans pushed this bill, which completely undermines the checks and balances of the American system. Where is the outrage on this? I cannot believe that moderate American voters would support what the Republicans have done here if they really understood it, but it's getting almost no attention in the press.
I think both are important - Sue's failure to take care of the pages is symptomatic of what we get with Republican "leadership", so it is not a minor point.

At the same time, this same Congresswoman has eagerly participated in the gutting of our Constitutional rights, failed to make us safe, done the bidding of her corporate funders to the detriment of the people, and has shown a complete disregard for the hard-working people of her District.

And she refuses to speak directly to her constitutuents in each county of the district, hiding behind a rigid format in a single county. She is convinced that the less we know about her, the better chance she has to be re-elected. We need to focus on that.
myh, I agree with all your points. We just have to make sure it doesn't look like we are focussing on Foley only because we have nothing else to complain about. We have *lots* to complain about with "Rubber Stamp" Kelly and the direction this country is heading.

Human Rights Campaign issued their congressional scorecard today. Kelly scored an abysmal 25%. HRC is now endorsing Hall and is making NY-19 a high-priority race. Prior to 1994, Kelly was endorsed by HRC and had much higher scores; she has made a clear and distinct move to the right -- consistent with the direction set by the Republican leadership and out of step with the moderate voters of NY-19. Is this an "independent voice"? I don't think so. By contrast, Nita Lowey (of NY-18) had a 100% score. Even our friend Sweeney (NY-20) had a higher score (although not much higher).
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