Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Sue Kelly huffs and puffs but still no responsibility on Mark Foley.

Sue Kelly isn't having a very good week -- and it's only Wednesday!

First the LA Times reported that a former page was approached by Foley in 2000 (while Ms. Kelly was Page Board Chair).

Then the Washington Post wrote about how fellow Page Board member, Jim Kolbe, learned about the Foley situation back in 2000 (while Sue Kelly was Page Board Chair).

Then, yesterday, Kolbe issued this press release stating that he notified the Page Board clerk and Mark Foley's office.

Remember that Sue Kelly was the Chair of the program and she was responsible for supervising it during this time.

Then CQPolitics upgraded her congressional race moving it in a more competitive category. (Now it is listed as 'leans' republican from republican favored)

So apparently all of these questions swirling around Ms. Kelly are taking a toll. The Journal News reports:

U.S. Rep. Sue Kelly angrily denied this afternoon that anyone informed her in 2000 when she was chairman of the [page board and] that a former page had complained about an e-mail message he received from then-U.S. Rep. Mark Foley that made him feel uncomfortable.
(emphasis added)

Uh oh, sounds like Sue is losing her cool!

The Journal News Continues saying:
"I'm pretty angry at Jim (Kolbe)," Kelly said

Why? Because Kolbe refuses to cover up the facts that you either covered up for a fellow Congressman who was preying on teenage boys or that you weren't doing your job as Page Board Chair? Whether or not you knew about Foley back in 2000 is almost irrelevant now: It was YOUR JOB to know about Foley.

It's fact:
You should have known -- knowing about this was the whole reason the Page Board was created!
The biggest purpose of the job, the job of the Page Board is: To oversee and make sure of the well being of the Congressional Pages in all aspects.

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