Thursday, October 12, 2006


Sue Kelly has some explaining to do

ABC News is reporting that former Republican Congressman Mark Foley was reportedly cruising the pages' dorm in the summer of 2000, a time when our own Sue Kelly was in charge of the House Page Board.

What does Sue Kelly have to say for herself now? Why don't you call her and ask? 202.225.5441 in DC or 845.291.4100 (Orange County), 845.897.5200 (Dutchess County) or 914.962.0761 in Westchester. We'd certainly like to know.

It's no wonder Sue "Rubber Stamp" Kelly doesn't want to debate John Hall. She knows she'll be forced to actually explain herself on this and many other issues. It is now become very clear that she was at the helm of the Page Board when this stuff was first breaking. It is only a matter of time before the national media latches onto this and begins putting even more heat on Kelly.

She would instead rather run ads claiming that she "isn't popular with the Republican leadership" when she votes in an "independent" manner. What complete hogwash.
Well we at are all hoping that the national media latches on to Sue Kelly before election day.

Its clear that other staff members from the board knew under her watch and its clear that several of Foley's actions took place under her watch -- which she should have known about.

We are just hoping that the media does its proper duty and reports about how Sue Kelly sat on her Page Board Chairship and did nothing

-- MrMacMan
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