Thursday, October 26, 2006


More signs of desperation from Sue Kelly...

While Sue Kelly likes to tout her years of experience of key committees, we couldn't help but laugh over something she said during last night's debate on Cablevision. Upset that John Hall is questioning the $65,000 that she has taken from big oil companies to finance her campaign (not to mention investing in their stocks), Sue fired back that Hall invests in a mutual fund that apparently owns some oil company stock. By bringing this up, we can only assume that Sue, who sits on the House Committee on Financial Services doesn't understand how a mutual fund actually works. In a nutshell, the mutual fund manager picks the stocks that the fund invests in and the individual investor has no say-so in those choices. Maybe Sue needs to read up on mutual funds before making baseless charges.

But that was just one sign of the Kelly camp's growing desperation. The other came in the form of these two (#1 and #2) letters to the editor -- both from the same man who lives in Albuquerque. As in New Mexico. Which puts him a bit far afield from NY-19. Does Sue really need to recruit someone from 2,500 miles away to drum up support in the district? Can't she just rely on the local Conservative party kingpin and other party hacks who have been writing already and are a bit more local?

Just how desperate will Sue get? Now that John Hall has made it onto the DCCC's Red to Blue list, we're guessing that Laura Bush will be making an appearance sometime soon.

Sue Kelly

It's about time Hall made it to the "red to blue" list! Long overdue. also needs to reevaluate the district -- it's definitely in the "toss up" category now. Let's keep up the support for John.
NY Journal News endorsed John Hall today! YAY!
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