Monday, October 09, 2006


Is Sue Kelly lying about Mark Foley?

For the past week, Sue Kelly has been sticking to her story that she knew nothing about Mark Foley's predatory behavior or messages until Pagegate broke on Sept. 29.

But this story in the Washington Post shows that one of Kelly's colleagues on the Page Board -- indeed the person that Kelly replaced as chair of the Page Board in February 1999 -- knew about Foley's explicit emails as early as 2000 and personally confronted Foley about the emails to young male pages.

C'mon Sue: are the voters here in the Hudson Valley really supposed to believe that you knew nothing? As each day passes and new facts come out, it's getting harder and harder to swallow that story!

So where is this in the MSM? They've hit just about every other pol who might have a Foley connection, but even the Journal News hasn't brought this up. Where is the so-called-liberal-media now?
Both the Journal News and the THR have written stories about Kelly's role on the board and have tried to set the record straight, despite Kelly's spinning. Our favorite line was that she couldn't remember when she served as board chair.

The Poughkeepsie Journal is another story. If you live in their coverage area, why not drop their city editor a note and ask him why they're asleep at the wheel:

Kevin Lenihan

Even better: take your complaints to Managing Editor Rich Kleban:
845-437-4804 or

Be sure to tell them that if they continue to ignore the story, you see no need to continue buying the paper when you can find the information for free on various blogs.
Yeah the Poughkeepsie Journal (after their week long lack of coverage) was finally put a marginal effort and posted the same story 'The Journal News' released.

Not really something they had to put much effort into...

Lets hope they get their act together and post something useful.

-- MrMacMan
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