Monday, October 30, 2006


Bill Clinton hearts John Hall!

Earlier this afternoon, former President Bill Clinton came to town to stump for John Hall and he laid out in point-by-point detail why Sue Kelly is the wrong person to continue representing NY-19.

"They have tried to push America in places it has never been and doesn't want to go. They have left us democrats being both the traditional progressive and conservative party. Think about it. I gave them 3 surpluses. We never had a social security problem. The president says he wants to quote revisit social security after the election. When I was in college we called that a euphemism. Stick a fork in him after the election," Clinton said.

And then: "They can say cut and run all they want. Cut and run is not what we're for, we're for stop and think."

"This is basically a contest between the politics of special interests and the politics of the common good, a contest between government based on evidence and argument and their way based on assertion and attack."

Sue Kelly may try to spin yet another tale, hoping voters don't check, which shows all the PAC money she receives, not to mention all of the oil company stocks she owns, but it's pretty easy to fact-check that stuff now. Still, she's lied about her resume, she's lied about her investments. She's lied about John Hall's record. There's only 1 week left. What will Sue Kelly lie about next?

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