Saturday, September 16, 2006


Tired, but untrue...

A friend of Take19 was surprised to find this frantic email from Sue Kelly cluttering her inbox only a day after John Hall won the primary on Sept. 12:

In Congress I fought to ease the tax burden on those who call the Hudson Valley home. I voted to cut the federal income tax, worked to abolish the capital gains tax for middle class homeowners, voted to double the child tax credit, abolish the marriage penalty tax, the death tax and am working now to increase the federal deduction for property tax payers to ease the onerous property tax burden imposed on New York's families.

And Mr. Hall? He wants to raise taxes and repeal income tax cuts passed by Congress after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center . He's endorsed a bill that would impose a new 'transaction' tax on anybody who buys or sells a stock, (which New York City officials say would cost the region thousands of jobs) and create a new payroll tax.

Judging from his past and the promises he's made, it's clear to me that Mr. Hall thinks you should pay more taxes and send more to Washington. I don't. As long as I'm in Congress, I will continue working to keep your taxes down.

And our friend, who happens to be a registered Republican, thought to herself: "They're rolling out this tired old chestnut again? In fact, Here's what she wrote:

"Well, here's a news flash for Sue: The REPUBLICANS are in charge in Washington AND in Albany AND in Orange County AND in my little town and guess what? My school taxes just went up another 7.7% this year! And you want us to be afraid of the Democrats, Sue? Are you kidding?"

In her missive, Sue actually wrote this: "As long as I'm in Congress, I will continue working to keep your taxes down." To which our friend said, "Huh? Sue, I beg you, please don't work so hard, all your hard work is killing my family!"

Try as Sue might to play the tired but untrue tax fear card -- even trying to co-mingle it with the tragedy that happened on Sept. 11 -- we're betting that most voters know which direction taxes have been going for the overwhelming majority of people who live in NY-19: up.

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