Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Sue's Latest Doubletalk

I emailed my Congresswoman, Sue Kelly, urging her support of HR676, the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act, and all I got back was this robo-response:

“I agree that we must do more to make quality health care accessible and affordable for all Americans…” writes Sue, while fondling a statement from her own gynecologist with “$00.00 Patient Responsibility Balance” highlighted in pink.

“….Taxpayers’ costs associated with a government run health entitlement program would require a substantial increase in taxes…” Sue continues, blithely ignoring the fact that cutting out the insurance company-middleman would save her middle class constituents zillions.

“…I have supported the creation of Association Health Plans (AHP), which would allow small businesses to join together to purchase health insurance…” - Let’s see, with Group Discounts, small business owners and minimum-wage employees will now share only a $19,500 annual family premium – instead of $20,000?

“….I’m also pushing for medical malpractice reforms that will help rein in the cost of junk lawsuits that contribute to skyrocketing health costs…” - So, if I go in with a strep throat and end up with my left leg sawed off I should go: “Oh, well, I still have my right one, and I’m grateful to help keep down health costs!”

“…Improving America’s health care system will continue to be a top priority for me. As your representative in Congress, please know that I will keep your views in mind as I work on this issue.”

Thanks, Sue, for keeping my views in mind – and for motivating me to triple up on vitamins, exercise and health food. I will NEVER get sick. And, then, where will your pharmaceutical, HMO and medical insurance PAC money come from? HMMMMMM????

We have to dig deep into our pockets and translate this anger into sizable campaign contributions to John Hall. John needs to have the money to counter the deception in Sue Kelly's ads and get his message out.
Nice Post Yiddie,

We all know that the middle class squeeze is part of Sue Kelly's Real agenda.
I thought you might also like to read what NYPols has written about these "attack ads"
Sue doesn't understand what ordinary Americans go through in navigating the healtcare morass because she has the best healthcare money can buy -- courtesy of us, the taxpayers.

Isn't it time we elected someone who understands the problems middle class families in the Hudson Valley face?
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