Thursday, September 28, 2006


Sue Kelly - Hear that Groundswell Building?

Hey! Looks like we are in a Red to Blue moment here in the 19th Congressional District. John Hall, the Democratic candidate running against Sue Kelly, has been identified by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as a candidate who has taken a traditionally non-competitive district, and through the strength of his campaign, put himself in a position to win in November!

Sue, better duck and cover - that's the sound of CHANGE that you are hearing!

Yes, I just saw the news.

Please, everyone, donate to John's campaign. I just gave $1K and will
probably give another $1K. We have to give him the money he needs to win.
Yes, the groundswell is building each and every day.

There are two ways to be part of the campaign.
Donate money.
Donate time.

And, for the truly fortunate, they can donate money and donate time.

People are the single greatest resource of a campaign. Please join the John Hall for Congress "team". Be a part of history. Help John Hall turn control of the US House of Representatives back to Democrats!

Contact Jonathan Wright Volunteer Cooridinator for John Hall, at 845-831-1735.

Or send an email

I look forward to seeing you on the Victory Trail.

A. Williams Cass
John Hall for Congress
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