Sunday, September 03, 2006


Sue Kelly calls up her inner-Pinnochio

Last week, we noted how Sue was greatly exaggerating her role in crafting a piece of legislation that few people can find fault with: making it harder for online predators to prey on children.

Though Sue made it seem like this was her very own legislation, going so far as to call this "Kelly's bill" on her cheery campaign site, the fact is that she was only one of 39 co-sponsors.

Well, we're glad to report that Sue's folks have fixed the lie on her site. They're now accurately describing this as legislation that Kelly co-sponsored. We're happy to keep Sue and her loyal band of whitewashers honest and plan to be doing a lot more of this going forward.

So, if you catch Sue in a big-fat lie, or even a weasel (as Al Franken might say), be sure to send us a note. After all, Pinnochio is a fine children's story, but it doesn't make for a particularly appealing voice in Congress.

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