Thursday, September 14, 2006


Quick! Sue Needs an Environmentalist Award!

Sue Kelly needed something to divert attention from her abysmal voting record on the environment (only 17% pro-environment on significant votes, according to the League of Conservation Voters).

Her latest environmental misstep related to the Highlands Conservation Act. Not only did Sue fail to increase (as she had promised to do) the paltry $2 million for 2006 that the Administration was willing to fund for this (supposedly) $10 million program but she didn't stop her own Republican colleagues from reducing that amount to $1 million.

But what to do? This was a dilemma.

What about the centerpiece of her Faux Environmentalist credentials - preserving the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?

That's it! Give her the newly-minted, made-for-Sue, Alaska Defender Award, for her "efforts to keep Alaska wild". So that's what happened at a local "Renewable Energy Exhibition".

The only fly in that ointment - her bad report card from the LCV included embarrassing votes she made, supporting drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge...

Could this be why the organization giving the award kept a low profile on the event (no press, minimal publicity), issuing a canned "news" report on the event, in the hopes that this all blows over without anyone digging into the real facts? We bet Sue hopes no one blogs about this....

As someone who has recently worked at the Alaska Wildnerness League, let me first say that they are a first-class organization, well-run, and that they are comprised of very smart, helpful, and thoughtful people.

I recall sitting in on the lobbying meetings and Sue being considered one of their constant "swing votes" on important issues - she was considered a fairly (note: FAIRLY) reliable vote. I think that conception was largely based on her pre-2006 voting record, where she consistently earned a decent LCV score. That being said, there were dozens and dozens of congresscritters who were considered much more reliable than her. I don't know why she got the award, especially this year.
yeah its pretty sad to find things like these out so that a politician can use at a later speach or offhanded remarks.

I see some people have written about it already tho:
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