Saturday, September 02, 2006


Our "Independent" Voice?

Here's a fun game, try as hard as you can to find Sue Kelly describing herself as a Republican.

Sue Kelly's new TV ads describe her as our "independent voice" in Washington. But a quick examination of her voting record shows she's anything but independent. Again and again, when faced with any issue of importance to the voters of the 19th CD, Sue Kelly votes the way her political bosses tell her to vote.

Here's a better tagline... Sue Kelly, our out of touch voice in Washington. Out of touch with everyone except her political bosses.

Kelly's latest "Independent Voice" TV ads tout her record on "tax relief." Don't pay any attention to the record deficits; don't worry that these tax breaks benefit the richest taxpayers. It's a joke.

On environmental issues (the subject of her first TV ads), the Sierra Club endorsed John Hall last week. It's unusual to do an endorsement before the primary, but Kelly is so horrible that people want eagerly to rally behind the best Democratic candidate and get this race started in earnest. John Hall will also be seeking the endorsement of the Human Rights Campaign, an endorsement that Kelly lost years ago (and probably never deserved) with her horrific votes for the Federal Marriage Amendment.
Sue Kelly certainly is not an "independent voice" when it comes to gun laws. She actually voted for a bill which would take away all authority from the city of Washington to make laws concerning guns. This would mean only federal laws would apply - of which there are very few.

You could actually have a shoot out at high noon on Constitution Ave. with the winner claiming self defense because the other drew first - just like the wild west. Fortunately, the bill did not make it though the Senate.

But even more importantly, her status as a Republican helps give that party control of the House and makes it more likely that we will have another round of 1 party government with no checks and balances. We've seen where that leads.

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