Saturday, September 23, 2006


Life inside the bubble...

Only inside the bubble that is Washington D.C. could Sue Kelly dust off a piece of legislation that's been sitting around since March 2005 and hold it up as an achievement in September 2006. Here's the details:

Back on March 3, 2005, Sue Kelly introduced this legislation designed to improve safety at public dams. The legislation, which seems innocuous enough and has 33 co-sponsors, went nowhere for a full year and a half, despite the fact that the Republicans control the House. Then, on Thursday, the bill passed the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure and Sue held it up as a bona fide accomplishment. Keep in mind that Republicans control both Houses of Congress, so they set the schedule, which makes the lack of action seem even stranger. Also remember that this legislation still has a long way to go: it has to pass the full House and get out of the Senate. Indeed, at the rate it's going, that should happen around 2010!

Now apply this to your own life: let's say you told your boss you'd do something back in March 2005. By September 2006, you're only a quarter of the way there. Still think you'd have a job?

Someboy must've read this blog from September 8th! :)
Well, I can see why Sue hasn't gotten her "Dam" bill through the committee un til now. Why, just this week, she had all sorts of crucial votes, like these...

A resolution supporting the goal of eliminating suffering and death due to cancer by 2015 (Well, DUH! Sue, this will be hard to do, with all the NIH cutbacks.)

A resolution to recognize and honor Filipino World War II Veterans for Their Defense of Democratic Ideals and Their Important Contributions to the Outcome of World War Ii (Oh you know, World War II, it was in all the papers just last week...)

A resolution condemning the Repression of the Iranian Baha’I Community and Calling for the Emancipation of Iranian Baha’is

A resolution recognizing the Centennial Anniversary on August 5, 2006, of the Iranian Constitution of 1906 ( pretty ironic, considering our stance on Iran these days!)

A resolution condemning Human Rights Abuses by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Expressing Solidarity With the Iranian People

Passed the Border Tunnel Prevention Act of 2006

Passed the Immigration Law Enforcement Act of 2006 (Correct me if I'm wrong, but why do we need a law telling us to enforce our laws? or am I missing something here...)

Passed the Community Protection Act of 2006 (Gotta protect those communities...)

Passed the Federal Election Integrity Act of 2006 ( which, unlike the name, does absolutely NOTHING to protect our votes and make sure they get counted. Instead, it is a poll tax, designed to ostensibly prevent illegal immigrants from voting in federal elections. I don't think ANY of the guys standing around Mt. Kisco or Brewster waiting to get hired particularly CARE about voting for our next President. The law requires a potential voter to show a picture ID that establishes proof of citizenship. For most states, a driver's license will not do, since they don't ask or require citizenship for those. No, for most states, that will mean a passport, which for a first-time applicant is $97! Yes, it will prevent illegal immigrants from voting, but it will ALSO prevent lots of poor people from voting. Seems like a poll tax to me...)

[Sarcasm Alert]
So, you can see that our Sue had a busy week, what with all those crucial resolutions and stuff, plus the fact that the House doesn't meet on Mondays or Fridays, so poor overworked Sue had to cram all that in in just 3 days. Oh the horror of it all! I'm surprised that she hasn't cracked from the stress of a 3 day workweek. Well that's just the people's business, Fundraising is a full-time job, I hear. Goodness knows why Sue wants to break her promise of 12 year term limits and stay on at such a grueling job. It's a wonder her "Dam" bill got written at all! [Sarcasm Mode off]

Time to retire Sue involuntarily...
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