Friday, September 08, 2006


Another day, another lie...

While we realize that many politicians tend to stretch the truth a bit, the story spun by Sue Kelly in this story headlined "The Politics of Terror" really goes above and beyond.

Sue told the JoNews that she "recently struggled to enlist Democratic support for a bill that renamed a post office in her district." Sounds pretty compelling, right? That partisan politics had spiraled so far out of control that Congress was even fighting over renaming post offices, a very routine non-event.

Too bad it doesn't appear to be true. A search of the 31 pieces of legislation sponsored by Kelly during the current session -- we'll assume that's what she meant by the word recently -- only turns up this post office legislation, which attracted 27 co-sponsors, or essentially the entire New York delegation, with the exception of Charlie Rangel, who is indeed a Democrat, but given that he's only one person, hardly represents a lack of Democratic support.

Remember: when your Congresswoman lies about the small things that are easy to fact-check, chances are that she's telling even bigger tales about the more complicated stuff too.

Unless you interpret "struggled" as "having to leave a message on their answering machine..." And that Charlie Rangel, how dare he not cosponsor Sue's bill! Which by the way, hasn't been voted on yet, it's still in committee.

Hey, D. Mallory Stephens, who Sue wants to name the PO after, was the grandfather of current State Assemblyman Willis Stephens. Here's a short bio...
Stephens, D. Mallory (d. 1961) — of Brewster, Putnam County, N.Y. Grandson of Daniel B. Mallory; father of Willis H. Stephens; grandfather of Willis H. Stephens, Jr.. Republican. Farmer; member of New York state assembly from Putnam County, 1926-52; chair of Putnam County Republican Party, 1939; delegate to Republican National Convention from New York, 1948 (alternate), 1952. Died January 11, 1961. Interment at Patterson Presbyterian Cemetery, Patterson, N.Y.

So, is there actually anyone still living in Brewster who can remember D. Mallory? And what did he do to deserve getting a PO named after him, besides being a Republican, and serving 26 years in the Assembly?

Sounds like Sue is sucking up to a family that has held a seat in the State Assembly for about 80 years...
I was prompted to look at the 31 pieces of legislation Sue Kelly has been chief sponsor of over the last 2 years. If I am reading things right, exactly 0 of them have passed the House and Senate.

I've heard she is going to campagin on her clout in Washington. :)

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