Monday, August 21, 2006


This is Sue on the job...

More than a year ago, a Take19er sent a letter to Sue Kelly expressing concern over the events in Darfur. After all, Sue claims to care deeply about women and children, which happens to be the overwhelming majority of those impacted by the crisis. In the letter, Sue gave her usual non-response response and assured the constituent that she "would continue to monitor the situation and investigate methods of relief the U.S. could provide."

Fast forward more than a year and a newly released scorecard shows just how closely Sue has been monitoring the situation: not at all. According to Darfur Scorecard Sue received the failing grade of D because she voted against such things as providing $50 million in humanitarian aid, even though the legislation was co-sponsored by fellow Republican Henry Hyde.

Maybe if those poor people in Darfur had some big fat checks -- the type Sue routinely pockets from PACs as detailed in this article -- they'd get more than platitudes from Sue. Of course, that still doesn't explain why Sue routinely promises her constituents that she is doing something, when in fact, she does virtually nothing.

Yup, Sue is taking PAC money from the banks and insurance companies like there is no tomorrow. Check out the top contributors:

Gee, I wonder why they are giving money to a member of the Financial Services committee. Let's all say it together: quid pro quo.

Move-on is targetting ads in NY-20 against Sweeney, who loves PAC money, too, but mostly from defense contractors. Perhaps we can convince them to help out in our district as well. I'm going to ask the Move-on folks.

Let's get these bums out of office. I'm readying a nice big campaign contribution to the winner of the primary (John Hall is my choice!) I've never contributed to political campaigns before, but I've absolutely had it with Kelly.
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