Friday, August 18, 2006


Sue walks on by...

We couldn't help but hum a few bars of “Walk On By” after reading about Sue's recent visit to Warwick. Though according to the Record, Sue was in town to seek "input on various issues affecting Warwick small businesses", Sue walked right past a bookstore that will soon close its doors. Wouldn't you think that someone who claims to be a "leading advocate" in Congress for small business owners, would take five minutes to find out why The Bookstore was closing after eight years?

Of course, as we already noted last month, Sue doesn't really care about small businesses. She just cares about looking as if she cares. On June 27, the House voted to add $40 million to the Small Business Administration to replace some of the money that the Bush administration has cut from the SBA. Though the measure was approved by a close vote of 214 to 207 as a result of 17 Republicans crossing party lines, Sue showed yet again that when push comes to shove, she's not the moderate that she claims to be.

They say a picture tells a thousand words. Sue saw the problems facing one small business owner in Warwick and instead of offering to help, or even just listen, she just walked on by.

The THR just caught her in a lie about where she shops for books. She said she went to a small bookstore in Katonah that recently closed called Antipodes. Too bad it was a furniture store!!!!
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