Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Sue Kelly's SBA Drowns Small Business!

We're glad to see that Sue is spending her time trotting around the district with the new head of the Small Business Administration. But we wonder if she took time to ask Steven Preston about the SBA's poor record of providing low cost funding to small businesses in general – and to those impacted by Katrina in particular.

With the one-year anniversary of Katrina days away, various reports show how federal dollars never reached those in need. The failure of the SBA to do its part - and the resounding silence of Sue Kelly, a member of the Small Business Subcommittee who never seems to stop talking about her small business roots, was made even more apparent in the report (PDF) released by the Democratic members of this subcommittee. Too bad that Sue seems oblivious to all of this.

We’ve noted Sue’s failure to address the real issues confronting small business many times, including here and here. So while Sue trotting around Port Jervis is a nice touch, it's only another photo-op for our Congresswoman who loves to look like she's doing something, even when she's doing nothing.

By one of her recent bills, Sue Kelly's idea of "Small Business" is to have it redefined, to half a billion dollars (2/3 of NASDAQ qualifies). It punches a large loophole in laws passed to protect investors. There's fewer reporting requirements for "small" businesses.
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