Thursday, August 03, 2006


Sue hits the small screen...

Sue Kelly is running new TV advertisements on Cablevision with the campaign slogan "an independent voice in Congress." Nothing could be further from the truth, and these ads are an exercise in deception. Sue Kelly has voted consistently with the Republican majority and is responsible for supporting the horrific domestic and foreign policies of the Bush administration. She is clearly worried to be advertising this early and in this manner.

This particular ad focuses on her so-called environmental record. In fact, Sue Kelly has a dismal 17% rating by the League of Conservation voters. On her own campaign website, she claims that this is just because of some missed votes (see this post for more details on that excuse), but the fact remains that she voted to allow drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge (at least twice!), to allow mining on Federal lands (HER 4241), and to weaken the Clean Air Act (HER 3893). These were all very close votes in which many Republican "moderates" switched sides, but not Sue Kelly. She voted right along with the Republican majority.

Don't let Sue Kelly fool you with these ads. She is no "independent voice."

Let's take back the 19th!

Good to know that she's putting all that money she's raking in from various PACs, including the check cashing firms and payday lenders that take advantage of our tropps, to such good use. Talk about taking dirty money and trying to make it clean by running TV ads that focus on the environment! The irony is almost too rich!
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