Sunday, August 06, 2006


Sue and Rudy Sitting in a Tree

Sue says she's an independent voice, not beholden to her Conservative bosses in Washington.

So why does Rudy G., her new best buddy, call her a loyal Republican?

Which is it Sue?

Sue as Independent is LAUGHABLE. She voted De Lay's agenda 90 percent of the time.

She claims to be a moderate, even publically said she was opposed to the marraige amendment before she voted for it not once, but TWICE.

She claimed to be PRO-CHOICE, but can show you where she spouts the radical religious right wing zealots PRO LIFE rhetoric.

She can be taken down, but we all need to get behind John Hall, and sooner than later...having six (sorry, now FIVE) candidates is giving her too much spin time...we need to CLOSE RANKS NOW.

Porgie Tirebiter

PS...I want to hold a fund raiser at my house for John Hall in September...anyone interested in helping, or attending please contact me at I also have an ACT BLUE donation form for John Hall at the above blog site.
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