Monday, August 14, 2006


Just click your heels three times...

It's beginning to look a lot like Kansas, here in NY-19. Not just because of Sue's radical positions on various social issues, but because Sue's folks seem to think that if they continue to click their heels and keep repeating the words "Moderate" and "independent" people will actually believe them.

The latest evidence comes from this story that ran today on Fox News' site. Kelly's newly appointed soundbiter, Jay Townsend, who last pitched in on Kelly's campaign in 2000, managed to use the words independent and moderate in the same quote. least Townsend knows how to stay on message! There's also Sue's new TV ads which mention the word "independent voice" over and over again. And her new site which never mentions that she's a Republican.

Just keep clicking your heels, Sue!

Sue is soooo independent, she only voted with her Republican leadership on: the disastrous Medicare Part D drug plan, the Bankruptcy bill, CAFTA, removal of safety locks from hand guns, opposing increased security for our ports, enacting Leave No Child Behind and then refusing to fund it, cutting student aid by 12.7 billion, underfunding Veterans' programs by $6 billion, eliminating the estate tax, increasing the debt ceiling (5 times in 5 years!) - and I could go on and on - I haven't even scratched the surface. For more, see go to
I was watching CNN this Saturday and there we have Sue Kelly...approve this message. No mention of Iraq war at all which I think resonated with most of the Hudson valley voters.

She is trying to potray herself as a enviornmentalist...trying to change the subject.

No mention of federal mention of minimum wage.. I wonder she is living in a different world..Well let see for how long though...
I just read the absurd article you reference written by Fox News in South Bend, Indiana. Now there's a high-credibility source! Wonder why Sue needs to resort to Fox News to prove she's a moderate? Maybe the LOCAL media is turning up the heat?
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