Thursday, July 20, 2006


Sue Kelly Desires a Second Class of Citizens

Sue Kelly voted on Tuesday to permanently create a second class of citizens who, if the legislation passed, would not be able to enjoy the same rights that most others do. In another attempt to divide America, the Republican Party proposed an amendment to the Constitution that would prohibit some United States citizens from marrying their chosen partner. Thankfully, there are still enough rational members of Congress who voted 'no' on this legislation and kept it from passing.

We celebrated Independence Day a couple of weeks ago. It was a holiday created to honor the courage of those who signed the Declaration of Independence and led the American rebellion against tyrannical rule. Republican hucksters like Sue Kelly like to wrap themselves in the American flag and label themselves as patriots. Deriding those who disagree with their rhetoric as traitors, these disengenuous Republicans love to talk about how others in the world "hate us for our freedoms." Well, Sue Kelly and those of her ilk have no clue what freedom really means. Their idea of freedom is to force Americans to abide by their conservative Republican ideals of morality. For Kelly, and those like her, allow me to refer them to an historic document that was written and signed 230 years ago.

Do we remember this sentence from the Declaration of Independence? Sue Kelly doesn't.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Freedom indeed.

The Federal Marriage Amendment is a mean-spirited effort to write discrimination into the Constitution to appease the radical right and galvanize the Republican base. It flies in the face of federalism and is insulting to a majority of the citizens of the 19th district. People in New York should have the right to decide this issue through their own state legislators, which is a process that is just beginning in New York with the recent NY Court of Appeals decision.

It is truly shameful for Sue Kelly to have voted for this amendment. She voted for this also in 2004. Sue Kelly *cannot* claim to be a moderate and vote for this amendment. Rep. Kelly is out-of-step with the fair-minded voters of the 19th district and needs to be defeated. It will happen eventually if enough people actually pay attention to how she votes on many issues. Thanks to this blog and for raising this visibility. This is supposed to be a republic where we elect our representatives to represent us -- we don't have to put up with this.

I hope Sue Kelly's staff reads this blog. They certainly don't pay attention to the calls and letters of constituents. If you're lucky, you'll get a form letter reply which is almost always unresponsive. But usually, you don't even get this. We desparately need change in the 19th district.
Well, KLS, you should know that unless you donate money -- big money -- you shouldn't expect a response from Kelly. While other Congressman actually meet with their constituents -- as opposed to the hand-picked staged photo-ops that Kelly does -- here in the 19th, we're stuck with poorly written form letters that rarely address the issue and even more rarely state Kelly's true opinion on the subject at hand.

Yet another reason why Kelly needs to be replaced!
KLS, I'm sure Kelly's staff reads Take19. They've cried about our blog in a Kelly fundraising letter. Once the voters start to see past her press releases and look at her horrendous pro-business, pro-wealthy voting record, they'll come around and send her packing.
Kelly has also not signed a pledge not to discriminate in hiring in her own office....something that
150 representatives, both Republicans and Democrats have done. Neither has she supported federal hate crimes legislation.

These are basic issues which most people in the 19th district agree on.
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