Friday, July 21, 2006


Something to crow about?

Apparently, the Republicans in Washington D.C. were so proud of the vote that Sue took the other day on outlawing the possibility of gay marriages that they've been busy calling around to local reporters here in the 19th trying to get them to nail some of Sue's democratic challengers on this critically important issue that apparently ranks right up there with affordable health insurance and a deteriorating economy for middle class Americans. Perhaps it's part of the Republican's so-called suburban strategy. Except that Mark Kirk, the Chicago area Congressman who is credited with that strategy actually voted against adding a constitutional amendment.

Are national Republicans really that worried about Kelly losing that they're already making calls for her? And how does that square with Kelly spokesman Kevin Callahan's repeated comments that the Congresswoman doesn't plan to start focusing on the race until the fall? That must be why Sue was the star of yet another Republican fundraiser on Wednesday night with the catchy name "Retaining our Majority IV". (We missed the invites to ROMPs 1, 2 and 3 now that Sue no longer lists her fundraising events on the NRCC website).

Why not give the fine folks at the NRC a call (202.863.8500) and tell them just how wrong they are on this issue? And while you're at it, tell them that Sue's own lackeys ought to be able to do their own dirty work!

If this is true, this is incredibly disturbing. Thanks for getting the word out that this kind of nonsense is going on. Please post any more details on this as they become available. The residents of NY-19 are more intelligent and progressive than this. Kelly should not be "proud" of her vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment; she should be ashamed of it. It's bad enough that she voted for the FMA, but to deliberately be trying to use it as a political wedge in this underhanded way is despicable.

Hopefully, some of Sue's Democratic challengers will have the guts to stand up to this and not only oppose the FMA but actually support civil marriage equality along with a growing list of other New York politicians (including our next governor Eliot Spitzer and at least four members of Congress from the New York delegation).

This is the best revenge, to actually have this "backfire" when the residents of NY-19 show they are more fair-minded than the Republican goon squads take us to be.
So the Republican party bosses from D.C. are trying to pressure our local media with the end goal being to benefit Sue Kelly? How Republican of them.

BTW, hi Sue, how are you? I'm sure you're reading this. Have you decided how you're going to be spending all of your free time come next January? Maybe your benefactors in the NRCC or the RNC will be kind enough to offer you a job. At least until your waiting period expires and you can get into the oh-so lucrative lobbying business.
Wow, looks like the Republican Party has finally admitted Sue Kelly is in danger. Cearly they don't want Sock Puppet Sue to retire with Lamb Chop and spend the rest of her life in the sock drawer.

Sue, you're a spineless cog in a right-wing machine that is bent on destroying our personal liberties, promoting extremism and homophobia, and intent on erasing all of the first 10 ammendments to the consitution, save the right to bear arms (and use them in shopping malls). Sue, please... go away already. Please do the right thing, do what's right for your country. Retire and go arrange dried flowers.
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