Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Rudy to the rescue!

We knew that Sue would eventually turn to Rudy Giuliani, who uses the catchy moniker "America's Mayor", to inject life into her tired campaign. We just expected him to come here in mid-October. Rudy will be here next Wednesday at a $250 a plate fundraiser for Sue in Fishkill. The event even features an open bar, which ought to make all of those beer companies that contribute to Sue's coffers (as we noted here) pretty happy. The event is being hosted by Dutchess Co. developer David Stenger and his brother, Kenneth, a partner at a Wappingers Falls law firm.

Now why would someone like Sue who already has a significant fundraising advantage need to call in such a big gun like Rudy? In August, no less? After all, John McCain already came to the district in April. Perhaps she needs the money to continue paying for the dirty campaigning that's already going on in the district. After all, Swift-boating someone doesn't come cheaply.

Of course, Rudy isn't just stumping for Sue in person. He's also stumping for Sue here on his website. Indeed, Sue's picture appears just above another endangered New York Congresscritter: John Sweeney of NY-20. Be sure to take a close look at all of Sue's accomplishments -- a list worthy of the fiction best-seller list!

People will dismiss this for what it is -- pure politics. We need to get some big Democratic guns to help support our Democratic candidate for NY-19 as well. Two can play at this game.

The reality is that Sue Kelly has been 100% behind the Republican majority in Congress in its support for the disastrous Bush administration and its reckless foreign and domestic policies and complete disregard for civil liberties and separation of powers. We have to send Sue Kelly packing and send a message that democracy actually works. Sue Kelly is no moderate and does not represent the citizens of NY-19!
NPR released some interesting polling this week, indicating trouble for Republican House incumbents in many districts.

In particular, this polling suggests that the use of wedge issues (like the FMA) is backfiring. "By 13 point, voters say they are more likely to vote Democratic because of hearing about these issues." So, hopefully, the Republican strategy will backfire.

We can't have such a disastrous state-of-affairs in the Federal government without some backlash against the House members that are enabling it, like Sue Kelly!
How about organizing a protest vigil outside of the event, to "greet the greedy" GOP?
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